Way to diplomat, Sai. That is how you ambassador good.

I was on another podcast, so if you want to hear me witter on about Project Wonderful geotargeting and webcomics.com, then it’s your lucky day!

New vote incentive, it’s the “lineart” for this page as well as the character colouring without the lines on top so you can get a bit of an idea of how sloppy the colouring is. Whoo! I thought it might be a bit interesting since I’m getting quite heavily into the whole greyscale painting thing. It’s all relaxing and junk, and still quicker than my previous method. What’s more, the fact that lines are more detailed means that the colouring can slack a bit, so it’s taking even less time now. Bammmm!


Page 139

0 thoughts on “Page 139

  1. Oh- he’s just grumpy because without line art he looks like a zombie O.o (vote incentive)…. Or it’s the standard issue turtleneck he has to wear. Hard to say. Still, textures are lovely… reminds me of water color. Glad you found a method that works for you- keep up the great work!

  2. Maybe he can science things better? Does he have a stem-powered mind control ray gun with him? or can he invent one?

  3. Oh, bureaucracy. I feel his anguish XD

  4. The expression is speaking -deeply- to me. Along the lines of. . . !

    “Do you realize how moronic you sound?”
    “. . . damn. Foiled.”

  5. Haha, I love his little eye twitch. Somebody’s had enough!

  6. The FACES in this page are just.


  7. Swaps this guy with the shot bearded one.

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