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    I love the hair on this page. Ezius and Sai have wonderfully textured and colored haaair.

    1. Hair remains my favourite thing to paint. I guess it shows!

  2. Hm… did you change the Art again? Last couple of pages were rather soft-drawn, smooth coloured… without hard edges… dunno how to put it. This one’s different. All those lines in Saiamars Face and on Ezius clothes… it is different.

    1. I think due to the amount of time between pages I ended up spending longer on the sketch this time, so it’s ended up less soft and more detailed and hard-edged. I dunno, haha. It feels like the art’s in a constant state of flux, but I think if it weren’t I would die of boredom. Hopefully it’s not too distracting.

      1. Whee! Yay! Update! Also good to see you’re not quite dead yet.

        Alright, art shift not deliberate. I was wondering about that, could’ve been a storytelling device.

        Tangentially, this is seriously bad marks and proof of lack of spine this man is gathering for himself. And possibly his fellow triarchs. But anyway, we’ll see what happens next.

        1. Sorry again if the art shift is confusingly abrupt. I think this is just what happens when I sit about thinking about how to draw things for a few weeks. The actual change in process is very slight! Replaced some painted layers with tinting layers instead and was working with a much sharper sketch, if that makes any sense.

          At any rate, I was champing at the bit to get this page finished. Sometimes I wonder if I spend way to much time devising new ways to mess around in Photoshop.

        2. No need to apologise. It stood out to me so I wondered why, is all.

          Though if you ever get around to making it a book, say, I expect you’ll want to look it through and see how the flow of reading works out. Too early to tell what, if anything, might need tinkering with. I for me look forward to see what the rest of the pages will turn out like. And how the story will unfold. That too.

        3. That’s definitely something I worry about, and am very aware of… but on the other hand, the notion of reining it in and not tweaking my process as I go is a really unappealing thought. If I did that the art would probably be the same as it was when RMR started. Brrrr.

          But yeah, there’ll need to be some tweaking when this thing goes to print. There’s instances of the style jumping all over the place right throughout the comic. I often wonder how jarring or not it is for someone who hasn’t drawn it.

        4. Prob’ly varies a lot depending on reader. 🙂 On the text-based side of the spectrum, I probably wouldn’t notice the art changes at all if they weren’t remarked on – half the time it’s not obvious to me even if you’ve specifically mentioned changing something, and the comments are full of it, and I’ve started really trying to see what everyone’s talking about. Heh. Makes me feel a right Philistine to admit it, but there you have it.

          Which is not to say I don’t like the art! ’Cause I do! Especially all the facial expressions, they are my favorite. And I CAN see a difference between the first pages and now, if I flip between ’em, but even there I don’t find it particularly jarring. I think because the important things like Adrianna’s grumpiness are conveyed by both?

          While I’m commenting, also: SQUEEE! Saiamar’s alive!

        5. “Tangentially, this is seriously bad marks and proof of lack of spine this man is gathering for himself. And possibly his fellow triarchs”

          Easy to say if you are not leader and facing situation where war and thousands may die if truth gets out. Not saying this guy is right, but that we lack sufficient data to judge his motives.

          Suppose during world war 2 someone is hiding a bunch of people that would otherwise go to german concentration camps. Suppose someone knocks on the door and asks if anyone else is in the house. Would you tell the truth or be silent and make it more likely that the people hiding in your basement die?

        6. Not really a fair comparison. He’s a widower to a senator and himself also a dignitary of sorts, someone who ought to be trustable and should understand when to blab and when to stay mum, plus he’s in no shape to go running around spreading rumours and things. A little consideration seems to be in order.

          That the triarchs have all the cards yet are playing without consideration to their allies says a great deal about them. Now he has a powerful motive to go look for his son, without permission. Were I him, I’d consider myself unencumbered with triarch wishes and so free to do as I please with any information learned.

          I may not be a ruler, but I can see what they’re doing and am free to critique rulers as I see fit. And if you’re going to drag in the real world, I’m a little fed up with “needs of the state”, since that now comes complete with star chamber and insisting rampant abuse is entirely lawful. And that applies to multiple states that aren’t even opposed to each other.

        7. Danil holds the rank of colonel within the Ashul military, and is a veteran of the war between Ashul and Imara. With a stalemate reached over a decade ago…

          Renshou is one of House Evadne’s most prominent members. As a councillor in Imara’s ruling circle, an accomplished diplomat, and an extremely powerful mage…

          World War 1 started off with something not that different.

          We still don’t know full situation. Father was brought to temple, may be allowed to see his son. I think too early to judge.

  3. Welcome back!
    I want, so desperately, to touch that guy’s hair. It’s probably frowned upon, though, being a triarch and all. >:|

    1. Thanks! Haha, I guess you could try, but he might have you thrown in a dungeon or something.

  4. I love the water in the last panel! And the whole background, at first it just looks abstract, but it’s actually a whole lake and a city back there.

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun painting that panel.

  5. Yay, update ^_^ Suddenly I’ve got lots of things to say. That’s new.

    It’s great to have you back Rose. I hope everything is working out for you. I’ve been a bit worried with you saying it’s just a flu, and then nothing for a few weeks.

    Now, I know a lot of people have been talking about the hair. And it’s great, yes. But just look at that look on Sai’s face. It’s absolutely terrifying, and it’s incredibly well drawn. That vacant stare, the hopeless expression. It’s pure despair. I love it.

    I feel I need to reread most of the story. It’s been so long, I can just barely remember what the security issue is.

    Is it completely impossible to visit Airin? Sure he can stay in the temple if he must, but can’t he have visitors? At least Ezius can’t seem to look Sai in the eyes whilst giving the sad news.

    ’The other triarchs’. Y’know, I’ve been wondering about that, and I just realised. It’s three men ruling the country, isn’t it? Monarch, triarch… Dunno why didn’t catch that earlier.

    I don’t mind the fluxy art, on the contrary actually. It makes it seem living. Constantly finding new details here and there as you art evolves. And variety is the spice of life after all.
    Also, ’fluxy’ is a word now.

    Finally, new schedule is good. I’d rather have fewer updates, you not getting stressed out about it, and we not getting disappointed. You might want to change the little blurb in the upper left corner though, so as not to confuse new readers.

    1. Thanks very much. 🙂 As I said, sorry for the delay. Just ill, and fed up, and fed up of being ill.

      Glad you like the page! As for the security issue, you might recall the small fire fight that blew up at the end of the previous arc, especially since we’re a couple of characters lighter for it. As for Airin, well… as shall be revealed in due time!

      Exactly so with the triarchs, Imara has three concurrent heads of state.

      Cheers on the art also, I think meddling around with the art style is one of my favourite things. I would just be… so, so bored drawing things the same way constantly, haha.

      As for the schedule, that’s exactly how I feel too. Every time I couldn’t plonk down a promised update it felt like I was quite badly misrepresenting the comic, and disappointing people. Changed the blurb as you suggested too. 🙂

    2. I’m pretty sure that Airin indeed can’t talk to anyone and especially not Saiamar. The poor kid knows who killed his mom ( and it ain’t the official story. At least not if Senna’s rigmarole about rebel terrorists is the official line. (

  6. Whoo, the day after my birthday I check here and there’s an update! An awesome after-birthday present xD

    1. Happy after-birthday!

  7. A wild update appears!

    Glad to see you back, Rose. Once a week updates is more than enough. I enjoy the comic, but I don’t want you killing yourself trying to get it done. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mark. I really appreciate that. 🙂

  8. Yay! Update! Glad you’re feeling better.

    Also, with a comic of this quality, I really don’t mind if it’s a weekly update. Just don’t get ill again because you’re stressing out over the schedule.

  9. Oh yay, you were only mostly dead. I’m happy to see the comic back up, but happier that you’re still alive.

  10. The new art style is panning out nicely. The contrast is getting better, which is surprisingly important for looking at pictures on a computer screen.

    Glad you’re on the up and up. I just started reading this, and was terrified that it was ending as soon as I started.

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