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  1. Someone has his priorities straight. Wonder what Triarch-man will do now, eh.

    I know what I’d like him do, but it’d take real balls to do it.

  2. What his son knows may start a big ugly war if it gets out, joys of politics.


    On another note, another beautiful page! I love the atmosphere of the setting, it’s so calming and peaceful despite the circumstances =/

  4. I have to be honest and say that I am not as fond of the new style as I was of the old. The story grows apace and that is as it should be but the artistic style seems lacking the old punch. This is only my opinion and please take it for what you think it’s worth, which may be nothing.

    BTW, I do enjoy the cover you did for Spangler 😉

    1. Wll, the old style was up to perfection (page 297!!).
      I think the new one needs time to develope.

      But yes, you have a point. For my taste, too, especially facial expressions lack a kind of “detail” or “edginess”. And overall, while there´s a good grip of atmosphere and scenery, some panels look a bit too “blurry” or “out of focus”.
      Of course this is fueled by the direct comparison to the masterpieces of last chapter.

      @Rose: I hope i´m not too negative; i tend to sound harsh (in english), for which i apologize in advance. ´:->

      1. I really like the new style, because I think it fits well with the current setting (Imara just seems like a rather lush and sun-streaked country, and the more watercolor feel of this kind of reflects that). I agree with der matologe that in that it’s not on the same level as the old style, but that’s because it hasn’t had nigh-300 pages spent on it yet. I especially like this style because it’s not supposed to take as much time (although it seems the new style produces pages at about the same rate as the old style, so far).

        1. I really love the new use of colours! (if it is new)
          Lika Ink, I too think that the use of more colours and blurr fits into the chapter, but I don’t know if I would like it so much in different settings (people fighting and dying in blurr and colour splashes has some potential though).

  5. I can see a subtle change in the art but I can’t see what it is. A spray-thing or something like that? Whatever it is, it works very well I think.

  6. In all honesty, I do miss the old style. The pages were truly masterpieces. The lack of detail in the faces/expressions is a bit…disappointing. I do enjoy this comic though and appreciate having a free, lovely webcomic!

  7. I don’t know about old style/new style (I give it another three months before I can get seriously analytical about it), but I do know that the thing this comic has been missing all along, though I didn’t know it at the time, is that guy’s HAIR! Love it, want it, and his character design is very cool. He looks arch and clever.

  8. Wow everyone whining about the “new style”. All I see is improvement. Beautiful work! You really know what you’re doing!

  9. Rose, everything all right? Please please pleeease don’t be sick again, I don’t think all the hearts here can handle another sickness from you :’(

    Also, for what it’s worth, I think your new style is…new, and probably uncomfortable for some people, but I would encourage you to stick with it and try taking it to new lengths. I see lots and lots of potential for its use not only in ambient, calm settings, but also maybe in intense fight scenes too!? XD

    1. Hey, sorry for the update blackout – I’m afraid I am a bit under the weather right now. I don’t think it’s terribly serious, just a flu-y cold sort of thing, but it did rather knock me for six and I’m just getting over it now. On the plus side, catching up on lots of sleep! Hopefully a new page should be up by the end of the week.

      Honestly, I’m considering dropping back to once a week updates again. This burned right through what little buffer I did have on hand, and I think I was only averaging about 1.5 updates a week anyway. Pretty tired of not being able to keep on top of a very simple update schedule.

      And as for the style, it’s not quite developed right now(and I’ve had similar thoughts to some expressed in the comments here) but in the end it’s a lot more flexible and interesting for me to work with. Missed updates aside, it’s still a lot more efficient too. A lot of it relies on a certain precision of sketching and proportion – imagine drawing one perfect, expressive curve to define a shape, rather than drawing, erasing, drawing, erasing until it looks right. The former is more efficient, but also more difficult to enact. A lot of my time recently has been going towards shifting from the latter – practice, practice, practice. I would dearly love to be able to draw both faster and better, it means more pages and story ultimately. My goal!

      I was about to apologise for babbling, but then I realised this is my comments section and I can babble as I like. Glorious.

      Anyway, as ever I appreciate all the patience, concern and feedback from you guys. Back up and running soon.

      1. *phew* …and here i thought i kinda p****d you off with my comment three weeks ago. :->

        And – take your time. Both on health and the new style! 😉


      2. Glad to hear you’re getting better.

        As to schedule, well. Pick one that you can stick to. So we know you’re all right, alright? 🙂

      3. Good to hear from you. I don’t really have anything to add, as the others already said it. So yeah.
        Take your time and take care.

  10. Get well soon!

  11. We really appreciate that you continuously work on improving your comic. You should also work on improving you immune system, though. 🙂

  12. You seem to have dropped from page-11-2, to page-12 to page-13. If you look at page-14 you are back at the start. can we renumber page 12 & 13 or your next page is going to get very confusing

    1. oh, and love the artwork – new and old equally.

  13. Is it me or were there no updates in a while..?

    1. Read the comments. The creator’s having some health problems. Even if the last we are from two weeks ago we must just be patient. We can’t know what’s happening.

  14. Don’t be dead. 🙁

  15. Everything ok with you, Rose?

    1. To quoter her Twitter: “I’m doing ok! Feeling a bit better + have been doing bits and pieces for RMR. Sitting down today to finally get an update done.”

      1. Thanks! Last time i checked Twitter there was a tweet from July, 9th.

      2. Oh, phew! That’s good to hear!

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