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  1. Not only are those nice ears, but I am in love with your speech bubbles now.

  2. Yay, new page!
    Also: I want to chew on that ear. Omnomnom.

  3. I cast fireball on the mood.
    Though, if magic is a point if status in Imara, it stands to reason that the Triarch could whipe the floor with slowly recoverin weelchairbound Saimar… Or he could just go find a staircase. I fully expect everyone to be even more miserable within the next 10 pages.

    1. Heehee, why just 10?


      1. Oh and also, Rose–could you please update the archives when you get a chance? 😀

        1. Oh, haha… I completely forgot about the archive. Shall do!

  4. Hi! Just read through all pages, from the very beginning to this one. I found this comic randomly, was just searching steampunk comics online 😀 I totally fell in love with this one and I’m eagerly waiting for the next page!

  5. The expressions continue my favorite – some real heart-wrenching ones here today. (Though I am also kinda in love with the speech bubbles.)

    *jumps up and down* Oo, new theory! New crackpot theory! We don’t actually know if Airin really is at the temple! Senna and the triarch could, theoretically, be lying to spare Saiamar’s feelings. Because while “he’s at the temple and you can’t see him” is terrible, “he completely disappeared after his mother was killed, so probably the rebels have him, though maybe we just haven’t found the body” is even worse, amirite. And THAT is the secret of how they are resisting Saiamar’s poor sad face.

    My money’s actually still on “witness to very hush-hush business, welfare of the state demands many sacrifices, etc.” But you never know.

  6. Not that my opinion is of importance, but for the art – i think you nailed it now.
    I really like this page.

  7. The colors on this page confuse me. I feel like there should have been a background somewhere, and it throws me off. Especially the last panel where the lines are sharper and darkened. The characters seem to be floating in space, and for something so dramatic I kinda feel like I just got the Blob thrown over my head. o.O My flesh! It burrrns!! Gaaa-blarhgjakg………

    That’s just my two cents.

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