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  1. Is that Galak ACTUALLY starting to get a bit of an attitude? He just might stand a chance, then… 😀

  2. Aw, is he holding her hand in panel three?

    Maybe I’m reading way too much into this. It could just be that her hand is behind his, and the silhouette convergence makes it *look*…

    I’m going to keep my romantic comedy ideas to myself.

  3. I think he’s more like dragging her along…

    Also, he’s getting hotter by the day. Especially in the second panel…

  4. “Hang on, where are we even going?”

    To the secret make out room on the ship, of course!

  5. just found your comic today and read through til now and must say i really love your weather backgrounds and the cast of characters, the way you draw them, has come a long way. makes me wanna seriously get back into drawing. not really sure why i stopped in the first place. good luck at university

  6. Mmm. Not that this might be the most conducive time for you, but I notice her style of speaking shifts a bit abruptly between this page and the last: last page she sounded annoyed and sharp-tongued, now merely… woozy. I’m not sure how that follows naturally from her breaking away from Galak: the gesture shows further attitude, the speech shows weakness. (The tilt to the panels shows disorientation, at least to me.) The changes between this page and the last seem deliberate, but I can’t follow their logic. Odd.

    I will enjoy posts about paintings. I’ve barely seen one RMR painting because I missed the vote incentives, and I’m not even sure it was made by you.

  7. @Offendi–I disagree. In 144, she’s just as disoriented (“What? What happened?”) and the art really sells she’s clearing her head and getting her reality into focus. She’s a bit discombobulated in the last panel on this page because Galak suddenly has started dragging her along and she’s trying to figure out what’s happening now with her self-preservation instincts probably kicking in (considering she doesn’t entirely trust Galak). The separation in bubbles also comes in a break in the panel, which gives the impression of movement and time separation.

    1. Huh, that makes sense. Interpretation fail on my part.

  8. Saw your latest tweets — my vote goes for keeping the latest page on the front of the website. Personally, when i go to a webcomic’s site, I’m going to look at the comic; if I want to read the author’s news, blog, or whatever, I can search for that later, but the first thing i want it the most recent page waiting for me.

  9. Great painting!

    Shawn’s right. It has to be the secret make-out room!

  10. Romance and intrigue…sounds yummy.

  11. I hate to break this to the madcap skippers, but panel 1 definitely is a “get out of my personal space” moment from Addi.

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