And the other dude, sans ridiculous gun this time.

Elsewhere on the web! I just finished up a new website for my buddy and fellow Rampager Josh, which you can go check out over here. I like his comic, so you have to too. Sorry. It’s the rules.

Also, new vote incentive! I’ve been going back through the archives in order to start working on the cover pages I skipped early on. There’s going to be a bigger shake-up of the archives at some point in the future*, as well as a bunch of added content, but in the meantime you can check out this rough for the chapter 3 cover*.

May or may not be indicative of final content.

*Note from the future: I actually got around to doing this, which is why there are notes like this everywhere in the archives now. Turns out when you renumber and rearrange all the pages half of these news rambles don’t make sense any more.


Page 175

0 thoughts on “Page 175

  1. Prettyboy with a sword is a problem that can totally be solved by punching.

    1. Prettyboy called Bracken… nice

  2. It is official, that vote incentive is the best.

  3. Wow, Adrianna actually looks worried there…


  4. Yay this is just getting good
    i mean i love the story so far but it’s really picking up
    keep up the great work!!

  5. Come on, go for the hat trick! Never mind that these are probably protagonists-to-be – PUNCH THE BASTARD!

    More sensible, though, would be to back down and listen to what the people with sharp pointy objects actually want.


    1. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY WANT??? That would be so…well…un-Adrianna-ish! Loving it though. Hope we get some cool fiery fight scenes!

  6. Awesome man from ship attempts to talk to you.
    > Punch face

    You punch him in his face, demand explanation, etc., and moments later find a knife at your throat. You are commanded to stand up.
    > Punch face

    You knock the knife away and punch your assailants face. She doesn’t look happy. You run. She calls out “Bracken!” and a man with a sword arrives
    >Punch face_

    1. This is the best rmr comment i’ve ever seen.

    2. Shouldn’t that be ’crazy awesome man’?

  7. Yay, ponytail man!

  8. That incentive is awesome. And these two poor sods end up in the rain a lot.

  9. Oh, I only just noticed that the rain is its own layer across the entire page, rather than drawn panel by panel. What a subtle, stylish way to tie everything together.

  10. What is ’bracken’ means?

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