Should have just stuck with the face punching, it seems. 😐

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Page 176

0 thoughts on “Page 176

  1. Wow, I didn’t see that coming… but it makes me happy. 3rd panel is gorgeous. Adrianna is gorgeous.

  2. It seems Bracken isn’t phased by that…

  3. You should never let someone know you’re a mage – this serves as further proof.

  4. Mage? No, I’m not a mage. I have a… um… skin disease! Yeah! Very contagious, especially to those who come closer than 5 yards with sharp metal object, so uh… you might wanna back away…

  5. Maybe she can summon together all her mighty mystical talents to… set his ponytail on fire. And then punch him.

    Really like the way the characters fade into the rain in these last few pages (best exemplified by Bracken in panel 6). Really brings across the image of heavy, vision-obscuring rain.


  6. …you know, fire + rain = zip. I wonder if she realizes this…

  7. Do I detect impending Falcon Punch?

  8. We’re either about to get burns shaped like fists, one flayed main protagonist, or a chase scene. Only two of those make me happy, try and guess which.

  9. What, Mage? Nobody calls me MAGE! 🙂 Love the twists in this story … P.s.: Panels are all great!

  10. oh yes, give him for good – and for Gods sake try not to be fair or anything…

  11. Hmm. This is one of those situations where letting them know that you’re more dangerous than you look is a Very Bad Thing ™. Adrianna doesn’t stand a chance against a trained swordfighter, especially when said fighter is in “KILL HER BEFORE SHE REDUCES US TO CHARCOAL BRICKETTES” mode.

    My guess? Galak is going to appeal for calm before Adrianna becomes several, smaller Adriannas. It looks like his compatriots didn’t know about her, or that she was coming, and thought that she was an Ashul soldier attacking Galak.

    1. God damn, are you peeking at the script or something

      1. I am using my PSYCHIC POWERS. Behold, as I never make a prediction again so as never to risk my psychic credibility.

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