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  1. Ah, but when she is here it mens the *Galak is in the resistance and helped to blow the ship up* theory is true,
    as well there is probably a third person lurking around..
    And she was doing a bad job with her knife, seriously, this isn’t how you hold a knife when you don’t want retaltiation.

    Adrianna once again shows how awesme she is (daughter of Ali and a magic squirrel, hu?)
    but…. what is going *crack* there? her and, or the neck or chin of scarf woman o.O

    Awesome page Rose 😀

    1. First time i post a comment here after following this webcomic for a while already, so i feel i have to compliment on the drawing and story first, cause really, they’re very good!

      that being said, the reason why i posted this comment is because, as the first comment noted, the way the knife is hold is perhaps not the best one (although i’m not a specialist about that), and more particularly the way adrianna pushes the hand seems a bit weird, given that the knife was at her throat (btw, where is it on the 3rd case?).

      All that to say that it’s already exceptional work, but if you have a friend who’s doing some martial arts, self defense or something like that, it could be a great addition to the realism. (at least for me and the other 2 guys on earth who focus on so small details ^^ )

      Keep up the good work, i’m waiting impatiently for each page!

      1. Hey there, always good to hear from someone who knows what they’re talking about. 🙂 Also, thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately (as you may have already guessed from the state of this page) I don’t know anyone who does any martial arts, so I don’t have anyone to refer back to for these kind of things.

        I’ve pretty much resorted to checking out videos online as my only reference for specific fighting things like this, and I’m sure they’re not terribly accurate. Most of the ones I found involved stabbing the other person with their own knife, which wasn’t quite what I was after here… so I just had to make do with what I could find.

        Unfortunately a recurring problem with doing this sort of project at the kind of pace I’m keeping right now means in-depth research is often hard to make time for or justify when the next page is breathing down your neck. Also, I have a suspicion that without having done some martial arts myself I wouldn’t be able to convey this kind of fighting with any real degree of versimilitude… but I’m grateful that you’re sticking with me regardless. And thank you for the feedback. 🙂

        1. I think the most likely defense would be bopping back with the upper body, moving beneath her arm to the other side, whil grabbing the knife arm with your right hand and then…. I don’t know the english word for it… bending their hand-joint to cuase pain so they drop the knife.
          But this would only possible if the knife-wieler is a …n00b.
          normally you would take one arm of the threatened in a hold behind his/her back, pushing his upper body up a bit and causing pain, so they can’t properly move (or back off from the blade)

          (I train self defense as a regular sport, and knife defense is part of it. the described hold is much more difficult to escape from)

          uhm…. yeah xD
          but I think Adrianna’s way works well enough against people with no experience how to handle a knife.

        2. Well, i don’t remember there being a lots of fights before, so i didn’t have time to get shocked by this. but if there’s a lot of badly choreographed fights afterward, perhaps that will get the better of me :p

          And no sweat for the lack of verisimilitude, you’ll just have to keep doing that page again and again until we’re all satisfied. 😀

          (and truth be told, as other said, the first and last panels are awesome enough for this small “strangeness” to be there.

        3. Haha oh god no. I think having to redraw the same page over and over again is what webcomic hell would be like. And you’re right, there hasn’t been much in the way of fights before this, and there aren’t any more in the immediate future. Red Moon Rising’s never been about fighting (and with good reason, try and write what you know and all that…) so hopefully I can keep your teeth-gnashing at a minimum.

          And, of course, I will try harder for next time. 🙂

    2. Yeah, she is pretty rubbish with that knife. You can blame that partially on the character and partially on me clearly having no idea how to handle a knife. Hurrrr

      Also, it’s the impact on her face making the crack noise.

      Cheers. 😀

  2. She might be the most useless mage you have ever met, but she makes a great deal up for it!

  3. She’s kind of… punch-happy, isn’t she? I think some rebels might be irked that Galak never somehow sent them information about her hobby (if he is, indeed, with the rebels). >:D

    I love the expressions in the last panel.

    1. I would prefer to think of it as “targeted stress relief”. And cheers. 🙂

  4. Hoo boy! That’s a hell of a left hook! Very nice motion blur, I practically felt the impact!

    It’s already been mentioned, but so you know, the pushing of the knife away would look more convincing if she’d grabbed the arm from the outside and pulled her forward so that the knife wouldn’t be able to reach Adrianna’s body. Grabbing from the inside like that would be far too awkward with her hands all the way down at her hips at the start, and her assailant would have time to react (though, with a straight arm, maybe not fast enough).

    Adrianna doesn’t need to be doing the textbook self-defense techniques, though, she seems more likely to improvise anyways, and it’s convincing enough so long as neither are portrayed as highly trained martial artists!

    Especially when she makes up for her technical deficiencies with a punch like THAT. Ow.

    1. That makes a lot of sense. I was tempted to go back and fix it a bit, but I suspect I would just make it worse, plus I just don’t have time, unfortunately.

      As I said above all I had to work with was videos I hunted down online for reference, but most of those involved either someone attacking from the front or the person being attacked then stabbing the other person with their own knife. I ended up just cobbling them together a bit, and I think the awkward seams are probably quite obvious. Oh well.

      If it helps Rhea(ooo she has a name) isn’t much of a combatant, and Adrianna is more of a quick, but haphazard, brawler, so I prefer to think of this as a clash of useless violence. Hurrah!

  5. Yay! Adrianna shall remain victorious and smite everyone in her path *lolz*

    Congratulation on your graduation! It sure is nice to leave the life of constant, unpaid learning behind you. Good Luck with your next goal now!

    1. Thank you! I am pretty glad to leave university behind me, I have to say. My next goal involves staying financially solvent while keeping the comic updated. I guess we’ll see how that goes!

  6. FANTASTIC!!!!!
    Congratulations on graduating – just don’t fall into the trap of postgrad study…..

    1. Hahahaha… ahhh. Don’t worry, not a chance of that happening. Completely disenchanted with academia now, I want to do real things with my life.

  7. Further proof of why you just don’t *%&# with Adrianna.

  8. Okay, Adrianna is now officially made of pure win. It doesn’t matter that the blonde chick was useless with that knife – beating the crap out of people when they threaten you with weapons is awesome enough.

    She may be about the most pitiful mage around, but I can see how she could be a soldier. Who needs fancy techniques when you can just be a blackbelt in brawling!* ; )


    (*Not to be taken seriously… I’m a first-rate brawler have can be laid flat in seconds by martial artists…)

    1. (that’s *have been* – or *can be* – not both). Whoops.

    2. Well, she is good at punching stuff, that is for sure. She took all her points out of charisma and wisdom and stuck them into “punching stuff” at character creation.

      And yeah, that makes sense. Good thing everyone in this scene so far is slightly more useless than her. So far.

    3. Ahaha, a comment I posted in my uni days… oh the memories… I haven’t been in a proper fight for so many years now… <_<

      But really, that was the first time I commented? I wonder what prompted it? Id certainly been reading long before this page!

  9. “What time is-”
    “Do you know the way to-”
    “Here’s your pizza-”

    Sorry, that’s just the first thing I thought of when I saw this. ^.^ Very excited for the next page!

    1. I thought everyone paid for their pizza with punches. 🙁

  10. awesome page contaning a brilliant punch, great web comic in general too – love it

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂

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