//EditEdit: (damn, this post is getting long.) RMR made it into the third round of the TGT Tournament! Not gonna lie, I really want that t-shirt. If you’re not sure who to vote for, ask yourself this: What Would Colonel Ironhand Do?

//Edit: Looks like the site got hacked while I was away. Sorry about that for everyone who saw it, but I think it’s sorted for now. A big thanks to everyone who emailed/messaged about it, and don’t hesitate to let me know if it happens again.//

he’ll admire your architecture

Uh oh Lethe what are you doiiing there.

My face actually hurts from drawing this page, since there are actually people smiling in it omg and I do that typical artist thing of making the same face as whatever character I’m drawing at the time. I’m pretty sure this one page is more smiley than the entire rest of the comic put together, and this scene has barely even started. o nooeesss

Back to the doom and gloom of present-day RMR soon enough, though.


Page 184

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Slow down there! After all those frowns/scowls/smirks, we have to slowly adjust to the happier countenances. Otherwise it’s like a bucket of ice water being poured over someone who had just walked through a blistering desert.

    …on second thought, that’s not so bad…

    1. A-are you calling my comic a blistering desert? Well, that’s ok… I’ll just… I’ll just…


      1. [facepalm] Not what I meant… [dramatic sigh] It’s so hard to be understood these days.

  2. AND WE HAVE OUR FATHER! Oh, and we also have a reason for the bitterness between Lethe and the this woman’s… husband? I’m assuming they have marriage in this society.

    Regardless, this is just too smiley! I’m here to see awesome scowells and funny confused faces, NOT HAPPINESS! I DEMAND YOU OFFSET THIS WITH MUCH MORE FACE PUNCHING IN THE FUTURE!

    1. Bingo. 🙂 Renshou and Saiamar are indeed married, though that came about some time after this particular scene.

      Also, more face punching? CAN DO

  3. Happy you’re on again and posting!
    All those people talking and smiling instead of punching; you know, we could actually think that relationships aren’t always about punching faces 😛

    1. Pfffft, that would be silly.

  4. hey, congrats on making it to the third round! i hadn’t heard either of the podcasts, so i trucked on over to tgt on itunes and had a listen so i could make an informed vote. i have to say, as much respect as i have for sarah ellerton, you put on a better podcast! as a beginning webcomicer (webcomicist? webcomicazee?), i found your interview to be more insightful and helpful, and it got the vote. i was pleasantly surprised to see you win the round! woot!

    1. Thanks! 😀 That’s cool you listened to both, as I’m sure that was the whole point of the tournament – there are lots of good interviews on TGT. And I was pleasantly surprised too, though I rather suspect if Sarah had even mentioned the tournament to her readers she would have squashed me underfoot, haha.

  5. wandering-dreamer

    Lol, that explains all the unhappy faces from before. XD

  6. Ack! So sunny! So happy! [blinded by the light]

    ’What would Colonel Ironhand do’? Considering that he died in your webcomic, I would guess he would vote for the other webcomic…. I will not let him sway my decision!

    1. Death to Colonel Ironha- oh, wait.

  7. Hurrah for happy people! But… Lethe! What *have* you been doing…

    1. Nothing. Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

  8. Hey, daddy-Lethe! Good to see you! (And I think Ren thinks so, too.)

    1. Pretty sure this is the first time anyone has been happy to see anyone else in the comic so far.

  9. So, let me know if my logic is flawed here. In RMR, face punching and scowling = true love, therefore smiling and flirting must = hatred. These two positively despise each other.

    1. The last panel is actually an inbetween shot, he’s just about to elbow her in the nose.

  10. Mmm… I like both comics. So I’m going to fence sit.

    PR has it’s strengths, granted. But equally, your story and it’s presentation are just as strong.
    Either way, people who take the time to read both comics win. 🙂

    Good luck to you both.

    Elihion Longtoes (of the Bree Longtoes).

    1. Red Moon Rising vs. The Phoenix Requiem was actually last round! It’s finished up, and now RMR is up versus the very good Wiglaf and Mordred. Having said that, I do appreciate your stance, I’m a big Phoenix Requiem fan too. 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes.

  11. Hi Ms. Loughran, My name is Dallas Miller I run a literary agency in Los Angeles CA and have been trying to contact you for a while now. I am interested in discussing your plans for RMR. I sent an email earlier today to your gmail account. Thanks. DDM

    1. Hi Dallas, got your email today but wasn’t aware of you trying to contact me before. Will respond as soon as I can, though I’m about to fly out to New Zealand so it probably won’t be until next Monday or Tuesday that I can manage. Sorry about that.

  12. No worries at all. Please, tend to your personal matters and when you’re able- respond and we can go from there. Be well and safe travels. Dallas

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