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  1. I love how slightly diabolical Galak looks in the first panel.

    And the last panel.

    And all of it.

    1. Nothing to add besides:
      They can’t afford salt because they paid Lethe.

  2. Paying helps!

    1. Of course! Money! The great motivator!

  3. Details, just details

    p.s.:Great comic, I love… well, everything

  4. Didn’t Lethe say the job was ’important’, or he wouldn’t be going? I wonder if he really is invested in this resistance or its interests.

    Or money is really that tight. (Did he have no other income opportunities?) Or he could be exaggerating to justify going to his sister.

    1. I don’t think he was talking about the job.

      1. Well, you’re the one who’d know. Either way, looks like he said the reason he was going to Imara was important. Whether that’s the job or not.

  5. Typical. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!… and a hefty wad of bills. Some resistance hero.


  6. Last panel is just filled with win.

  7. In the last panel, Galak looks a hell of a lot like Togusa from Ghost in the Shell.

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