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  1. This page is beautiful <3
    And rather sweet.

  2. go the moro bar! wooh! next step, deep fry!
    page is awesome, as usual, nice works there.
    I thought she was on a boat before ? didnt sea the ocean then? just a point.
    but i agree, it be perty =)

  3. She was on an airship before- the onlöy she did see where clouds and boiler rooms 🙂
    and to celebrate this stunning view… she smokes another coffin nail,
    thats just like we know and like he- *gets elbowed*

  4. You know, I’m surprised he’s managed to turn his back on her again. After multiple attacks, even if I was trying to be trusting, I would still insist on walking at the very least beside her, if not behind. [twitch] [twitch twitch]

    1. Well… what’s she gonna do? Punch [strike]his face[/strike] the back of his head then get everyone else around on her? She saw how well that went last time.

      Speaking of which, it’s been far too long since Adrianna punched a face. Just saying.

      1. Herp messed up the tags derp.

      2. I never said I’d be logical, just paranoid. ^.^ Yay for irrational fears!

        But I do agree with the Facepunch Initiative. I think I’m going through withdrawal. [twitch]

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. chapter well ended! and i have to say, for you traveling for most of this chapter, really well done! i don’t know how you found the time to post, much less do the art-

  7. Very pretty scene in the first panel there. Love sun over water.

    A profound moment… and then she asks, ’can you help me with my disgusting and ultimately suicidal habit’? Heh. How very, very sad.


  8. Haaa! After following your comics for months, I was pilled under work and had to stop. I then completely forgot to come back until today. I had forgotten the HUGE pleasure that consist of being able to actually read the story, and click on the “next” button, knowing that the next is awaiting for me =)
    I love the development of the story, the art is still great, and… well, I love it all! Carry on the great adventure!

  9. Having not seen the sea in months, I can appreciate at least a fraction of Addi’s reaction. *sigh*. How I do miss the sea. Why oh why did my country choose to build its capital 300 km inland and 600 meters above sea level?

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