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  1. Oh, hey, there are CONSEQUENCES to Ashul being landlocked. Huh!

    1. Yep! Though having said that, a certain unnamed person I know from New Zealand can’t swim, and considering the country is pretty much just one huge beach I think that’s quite an achievement.

      1. Or perhaps that person can swim, they’re just really terrible at it and have decided they can do without that skill in their daily life.

        1. Well, now you’ve just given yourself away. I was being so clever and subtle before.

      2. people that can’t swim here are idiots. because they then go to the beach with their friends, play in the ocean, and drown. sad but true.

        1. Oooh, them’s fighting words.

        2. Or, somehow, they manage not to go deep enough into the water for it to be a problem. If you’re in a level of water where you can just walk out if there’s trouble then not being able to swim is pretty well a non-issue. That’s like saying people who don’t know how to hunt are idiots, because then they inevitably go out into the bush with no provisions for several days and then starve. It’s amazing how easy it is for that to not come up.

        3. LOL! Pseudonym, I love ya.
          I can’t swim, yet I live on the East Coast. In my defense though, there’s some weird things in the water. Like, uh…large carnivorous reptiles.

          I am, however, moderately great at wilderness survival.

  2. I wonder what she would have done if he hadn’t said anything…

    *suddenly develops flying powers*

    1. Or water breathing powers. Or “screw this I’ll take my chances back in the city” powers.

  3. This is without doubt the most beautifully drawn comic I have ever seen. I am astounded. You have an amazing gift, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    1. Wow, thank you! And no problem, just doing what I love. 🙂

  4. Well she is a fire mage…

    1. A character creation choice I’m sure she’s now regretting.

      1. Hahaha. Well if worst comes to worst she can always…..really slowly evaporate it all away? Hmm ok probably not.

        1. Evaporate? In a confined space like a cave? Sounds like “Yay! Sauna time! 😀 “

  5. I gotta say, while I have only recently started browsing webcomics, yours has to the most well drawn and interesting one I’ve ever seen.

    1. oh, and I forgot to add, great job on this panel. The water looks absolutely beautiful. Also, I really like the way the character’s faces look in this lighting.

  6. Hm. This also means, she has no swimsuit…

  7. there is such great chemistry between those two. also, she’s not going to have a problem getting over. she’ll just use her magic squirrel ancestry and leap over.

  8. The water is absolutely beautiful! Not that the backgrounds, the characters, the story weren’t too, but it caught my eye first.

    On another note, i never understood the question “Does your foot reach the bottom?” meaning if the water is shallow enough to be able to stand and breathe in it. Of course your foot would always reach the bottom. It’s your head that won’t be always over water level, duh… -.- ” .


    1. Confucius say: Never test depth of water with both feet.

  9. Where did the pockets on the front of Galak’s shirt go? Just curious. Some mighty magic going on there.

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