Well, my laptop done broke again, which was more of a problem than I realised at the time since I needed the photoshop file for page 190 to get the photo of Renshou for this page, which, as it turns out, was still on my laptop. Whooooooo.


Page 213

0 thoughts on “Page 213

  1. BAHAHAHA. I love that picture. So. Much.

  2. Rose, are you having the gremlins in your house?
    you go through laptops faster than everyon else I know o.O
    I hope that you at least have access to you files again.

    Oh, awesome page that you did last time and now. (Can I have an *awesome page comment*-automatic function ?)

    1. It sure would explain a lot if we did have gremlins. 🙁 It’s all the same laptop, at least. For all its woes, it’s a trooper. I did get access to my files and promptly backed them up, so it all worked out eventually.

      …Plus I think having an “awesome page comment” button or something would be a teensy weensy bit egotistical of me.

      1. Ah, so youhave one of these *I go broke every once in a while, but I won’t stay down* laptops?

        /and I would still click this button like a maniac

  3. OMG the storylines they are connecting! Such… connectivity.
    So, is this where the underwater robots attack?

    1. That’s next chapter.

  4. Oh man, it is amazingly hard to take this scene seriously with that picture in it.

    1. You’re just going to have to try, durnit!

  5. Assassination plot? Kidnapping? Interrogation? RUN RENSHOU, RUUUUUNNN!

    1. Nahhhh, it’s fiiiine. I’m sure this isn’t sinister at all.

      1. Of course not! I’ll bet they’re planning a nice surprise party with the help of the underwater robots!

  6. Rose, I really hope you’re planning on going to grad school. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll never see the conclusion of this (stunning) work!

    1. That’s kind of you to say! Though I don’t think I follow how going to grad school would make it any more likely for me to finish the comic. Grad school’s expensive and dammit, you’ll only get me back into university over my dead body.

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