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  1. I’m going to get my bout of stupidity out in the open, I can never really tell if Captain Ost-Navarre is male or female. Every page Cappy lands on, I have a mental debate about it. “That shading might be boobs”, I think, “But it might also be moobs, or just the way the light is shining, or I’m missing something…”

    Oh, balls to this.


    1. I see hips, to be honest, so I vote that she’s just a bit masculine. Although, the thought of a hardass captain with moobs is rather appealing to my sense of humor. 🙂

    2. I’ll put you out of your misery and confirm that the good captain is, in fact, a lady.

      1. Thanks! I think I’ll have to reread with solid affirmation of her gender – I really like her; kinda really want to see her throughout – if you will it, that is!

    3. Dorks. Can’t handle the fact that a woman has small boobs, and isn’t 20 years old. Lol.

      1. Actually, small boobs runs in the family. (We have brains, not boobs, apparently; tho’ somehow I missed out on both.) What was confusing me was in fact, the face, some angles, very masculine, some angles, feminine. I’m sure it’s because she’s lived a hard life in militia service, but times it gets difficult to determine. I didn’t actually look for boobs till yesterday; when I looked up her name. Used the boob bit for a little bit of comedy.

  2. Hehe, I love Capt. Airbender´s superhero-like flying pose.

  3. “Balls to this”…
    I think that translates into “Someone’s gonna get their teeth kicked the hell in!”
    Or a facepalm full of flamy goodness, but that would be crass.

  4. Pleasebefacepuncho’clockpleasebefacepuncho’clockpleasebefacepuncho’clockpleasebefacepuncho’clockpleasepleasepleasepleasebefacepuncho’clock

    1. Face punch? pleeeeeeeeeeeseee face punch…..


      me love you long time!

  5. OK, have to play devil’s advocate here.

    Don’t listen to ’em, Adrianna! Face-punching never helped anything! I mean, think about it – did breaking Galak’s nose prevent you from being apprehended? C’mon, girl, use your head… Umm, I mean, use it for something besides a Glaswegian kiss… though I have to admit that may have been moderately helpful for a change… But that was just some redshirt! You can’t go around headbutting airship captains of awesomeness! Please, I’ve been rooting for Ost-Navarre ever since she had that first great argument with Danil. And since she doesn’t know that you were an innocent bystander at the explosion, she does have a pretty good reason for wanting to, er, well, possibly kill you…

    The gray-on-gray conflict is one of the cool things about this comic, though it’s hell on my nerves.

    1. Can I have a question?
      Back then did she actually break his nose, or just punched it enough to bleed?

  6. hahah! that’s how i curse too! XD

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