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  1. This is an awesome page, well worth the wait. I’m glad you’re feeling better; being sick is never fun. As to the schedule, just don’t worry about being regular for now, just ease into it and get in the swing of things. We love you!

  2. great comic, glad that you’re finally all better. even if you did have to look back on your own tutorial, i really like the fire in this one, very nicely done.

  3. Oh… oh my.
    Scorched handprint time!

    Also, welcome back!

  4. Nice to have you back, the story left us hanging! Do take care of yourself–serious illnesses are nothing to “sneeze at” when it comes to recovery time.

  5. Hey! Good to see you back in action. I allready started to worry. Well, take your time. Two strips per week is fine, don’t push yourself too hard.

    In other news: Facemelting tiiiime!!!

  6. Welcome back. It is no surprise you had to refer to a fire tutorial to get going again. Your “fire” went out while you were sick, the boiler went cold, and now you have to rebuild steam pressure before you can get moving again. LOL

  7. Whats better than Facepunch time?


    1. It looks more like a FACE PALM OF FIRE to me.

      Either way its pretty epic. Pretty much like this whole page.

  8. hehe go for the eyes! go for the eyes!.. fricken cricket jumping Air mage cant chase what he cant see =)

    and dosnt look so much like the ’punched’ him.. as just slaped him (or clawed?) with a hand holding a fireball…. thats gonna leave a mark.

  9. Oh, oohhh, a comic of Adrianna scorching somebody’s face off? After being on hiatus? You are forgiven. For everything.

  10. Ooooooh… the claws come out!

    Glad to see you back! <3

  11. Welcome back! I thought that you were being overly ambitious. So, it turns out that your creeping crud was actually a pouncing crud 😉

    Take it easy on the restart, relapses are a major bitch and this time it might indeed morph into a pneumonia. Gesundt uber alles!

  12. First page in ages.


    It’s everything I dreamed of.

    Hail to the Queen. (Rose is the Queen)

    1. Eh? She’s in drag?!?!?!

      Say it ain’t so …

  13. yay, you’re back 😀

    and the page looks great ^^

  14. “Adrianna used fire punch… its super effective”

    So happy to see an update and hear you’re all better! Love this nice bit of action and seeing her fighting back.

    1. This made me smile


    I was so excited to see this I managed to vote for you on TWC 3 times today on three different computers since I was tramping around uni like a nutbag. If I can make it to a library or a friends’ house it’ll be even more!

    It’s great that you’re feeling better and are working again, and also that Adrianna is bitch slapping people with fireballs.

  16. This page looks kinda familiar, i wonder why…


  17. I don’t think it’s bad to use reference materials regardless of whether you wrote them yourself. So, well, now you know why you need to make MOAR tutorials. Logical, no?

  18. Ah, that’s what happens when you go harassing a redheaded lass!

    I think we can assume that air feeds a fire, and that putting magefire on the air rune is bad news?

    I wonder if Adrianna will have a hangover from that, though… she did just blow herself up, right, so that’s once by rebels, once by supakollida-guy and one self-inflicted. In… how long has it been already? Three days tops? 😀

    P.S. YAAAAY! And stay healthy! Eat your veggies! Like … steak pie! That’s a veggie, right?

  19. oh shit. FIRE PAWNNCH!!!!!

  20. Lol that’s one way to stop an air mage, scorcho-slap em.

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