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  1. hi hi

    This page is fantastic! The motion, the expressions… A+ for sure. 🙂

  2. I had to comment (first time) to agree with icekatze. This is really pro stuff you’ve got going .. ! Keep it up.

  3. The ’crickets’ part made me giggle. That aside, I love these pages. You are definitely a pro at running poses (and they’re HARD!). There’s a solid sense of motion and momentum, especially with the jump in the second panel.

  4. Hmm … somehow my first look fell on Adrianna’s right hand and I had to think of The Matrx 😀

    And well, you mentioned the buildings and I agree with you. The building in the middle panel and its texture look very realistic.

    Oh and is the paperwork you have to do EVIL? Then maybe Paperwork Dan can help you.

  5. Heh, who needs flying when you can jump I guess?

  6. Man, Rose, you’re the best. I’ve really been enjoying the chase scene so far, it feels very dynamic and fast paced even though it’s a few days between posts. Maybe after I’ve finished finals and stuff we should meet up again? (Also maybe I should not use your comic as a socialising site BUT OH WELL)

    1. Rachel! I don’t blame you, this is probably the best way to get in touch with me aside from straight up giving me a ring. But yes, let me know when your finals are done and we should absolutely meet up. 🙂

  7. This is an amazing page; the implied motion looks very natural and not at all forced. You’ve been doing excellent work all through this comic.

  8. Well, of COURSE they can fly . . . they just need gliders . . . and large bison like- Oh wrong storyline? Oops, xD.

    Obviously the best way to counteract an air mage is through a flaming fist to the face and magic squirrel powers! . . . both of which Adrianna has!

    Awesome chase scene, can’t wait to see how she does (or doesn’t) get out of this one!

  9. Rose, if you ever make books I swear I will buy them. This page is gorgeous!!!

  10. I absolutely love the energy and movement in this page. I love Adrianna’s dsgruntled look at the cricket jumping in the last panel.

  11. …any airships nearby for him to crash into?

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