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    This page almost broke my heart.
    The tension is so palpable.

    1. Thank you! Man, the reaction to this page is nuts. I’m just relieved the scene seems to be going well! Lots of tricky things to juggle in here.

  2. Okay, there are a few things I just HAVE to say.
    1. This page is really awesome in the way it is. Similar to the previous ones it tells so much without words.
    2. Despite what I said above and at the risk that I may sound like a jerk…
    A bit more dialogue and progress in the plot for the next pages would be cool.
    I can’t stand the silence much longer… 🙂

    1. Haha, that doesn’t make you sound like a jerk. It actually makes me feel pretty smug about the pacing since there will be dialogue in the next page. So I guess everyone’s happy. 🙂 Er, well, except the characters.

      1. I’m just pretty careful with criticism since this comic is something that you make in your free time. And also it’s free.
        Anyway … looking forward to some filled speech bubbles on the next page.

        ps: Also, I miss Adrianna’s fists making spontaneous contact with other people’s faces.
        (Yes, I’m talking about punching)

  3. Nothing to say? Cold, Ren, coooollld.

    1. Oh, she has everything to say. Just not next to her dying husband is all.

  4. The fish is a Zen touch. If this was multimedia animation it might be drifting, barely swimming in a slow current with swirls of dimpled water.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’m rather growing to enjoy painting water.

  5. Yeah, so… how ’bout them .

    This page is definitely tense. D:

  6. how ’bout them (insert sports team here).**

    It ate part of my comment. Sad day.

    1. Oop, if it was in pointy brackets then it may have been misinterpreted as HTML code. At any rate, thanks! 🙂

  7. That is just marvellous.
    (I did mention that I want this in book form, right?)

    You can practically feel the mood seeping out of the pages into your mind.
    Well done.

    1. Thanks, Jef. 😀 Really do appreciate your support throughout pretty much the whole comic.

      1. D’aaw :O
        I am just doing my job as a raving fanboy 😉
        Hm, I need to archive trawl to see where I started reading.
        Tomorrow: planned.

  8. omg i totally love this page! especially the fishie!
    book form would definatly be nice too

    1. I think books are inevitable! At least, that’s the idea. No immediate plans right now, but stay tuned. 🙂

      1. EXCELLENT. I’ve been following this forever, and have never been bold enough to make comments on how much I love it because of the risk of sounding like a total creeper. 😀

        I’ll die happy if I can have this in book form.

        1. I have been commenting quite vividly, but OH YES YES YES BOOK DO WANT
          *insert unmanly SQEEEEEE*

  9. I seriously have no idea how this isn’t TWC #1

    1. Probably because I’m a bit rubbish at posting TWC incentives and stuff like that I guess? I don’t advertise very much either, which I should probably do something about.

    2. There are some … oddities in the TWC rankings. It’s just part of the way things are, I suppose. My own personal “top 20” are scattered pretty evenly around their top 400.

      As for incentives, now that I’ve gotten into the habit of voting for a number of comics each day, I don’t even note the incentives that much. Fwiw, you can create a ’favorites’ page on TWC and then you’ll have handy links to vote — I find that since I’ve done that, I am more regular about voting.

      I know a few votes don’t matter that much in the rankings, but it’s a way that I can say ’thank you’ to the authors for their work.

  10. One trick I’ve seen is having an extra rough drawing (for the next update)as the voting gateway. At least that way most viewers want to click on the link to vote.
    But I’m still wondering what popularity has to do with quality.
    There are too many bad offerings that are popular for reasons unknown.

    1. Quality is independent from popularity and vice-versa, or so it seems some times.
      But voting RMR up on TWC gives Rose more traffic.
      Wich leads to more visitors.
      And I do not know how utopic this is, maybe to more money for Rose.

      So I’ll be voting and retweeting and telling my friends xD

      1. Haha, second that! Thanks, Jef. 🙂

        It’s true that more traffic does generate more ad income, so… the more the merrier! Always good to hear what people think and if they’re enjoying and whatnot.

        As for adding page previews, if I worked ahead more this could become a good idea. As it stands I can’t do it right now, and often I don’t have enough secondary material to hand (that I can show) to use as some other vote incentive. Plus changing the incentive is just sort of a pain and usually once a page is done I’m pretty spent. But yes, good idea overall. Working on it!

  11. I love all the different angles on this page. 😀

    1. aaaa, thank you. 😀 I worked extra hard on the angles for this page – there was a lot sketching involved to make it work, but it seemed like it would make a big difference to try and avoid straight-on angles for some of the panels. Anyway, glad to know it was appreciated. 🙂

  12. This is absolutely so nice!!!! I love these silent parts and its just great how you got so much impact through just facial expressions and gesture! WAY TO GO!!! AWESOME!!!

    1. Thanks, Sevrin! Man, I’m really glad this page hit the mark for you and the other commenters. I think this is some of the most complex and nuanced storytelling I’ve attempted visually, so… well, I’m really chuffed at the response. 🙂 Thank you!

  13. I could look at this page all day, and that is a BIG compliment from me, as I normally just ’skim’ down pages that have no text. (but not your pages, because your pages are never just gratituous pretty, but actually mean something).

  14. ^___^ BEAUTIFUL work you have here~! I’m a new reader. I love your story so far, really looking forward to every new page. I’m trying to restart a failed comic from a few years ago, and it’s so hard. I admire people who can put out gorgeous pages and still have a plot, and do it in any reasonable length of time. It’s VERY hard work to do this!

  15. I just reviewed the story, start to current. The improvement of your art is a amazing! I thought it was good before but with the whole arc in perspective, it is amazing.

    From a writer’s view though, the pacing is very slow.

  16. The artwork is amazing, this is probably the best drawn webcomic I have read so far and I’m really enjoying the story and the suspense you build.

    One minor thing I noticed, the torc that the women was wearing on her right arm in previous pages seems to be missing in the first two panels she appears in on this page…:)

    1. Cheers, Calum! And haha, damn, you’re right. I’m actually very, very bad at keeping on top of these small continuity errors, they’re probably all over the comic and I just haven’t noticed. I’ll add it to my long list of fixes that need done.

  17. Ahh, this was a really poerful scene. Youre really a mater at conveying things through mood and emotion alone (if that makes sense). Damn but I love this work.

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