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  1. I just noticed that RMR looks even better on my other Desktop because of other colour-adjustments.
    On another note: I like Imaran architecture, but I miss the rain.
    Silly me I guess?

    1. You can only have one or the other, unfortunately. Not quite as much rain in Imara. 🙂

  2. Ooohhhh nothing just made a cup of tea, had some biscuits, and maybe did a little thieving of high-security top-secret government secrets. I’m sure they won’t mind.

    …why did they want Lethe to steal the thing?

    1. Well, Galak+co were the ones who wanted him to steal the thing. Unfortunately for Renshou, she had no idea any of this was going on until now.

      As for why the rebels want it… well. Isn’t that a conundrum?

      1. I mean, why’d they pick /Lethe/ to steal it?
        “Heeeyyy random guy on the street, wanna do something highly illegal and dangerous??”
        “Eh, sure, why not?”

  3. The time was worth it. The courtyard makes the scene.
    Ooo. There are words!
    What is so important about that green stick of information?

    1. Yes, words in speech bubbles … sooo beautiful °O°
      As well as the rest.

      I think it’s a USB stick with a leaked beta of Diablo 3 … just a guess ^^

      1. I think it has words ! ! ! ! =B

        1. Correct! To a degree.

          Er, about the words, that is. Not the Diablo 3 beta. Though now that I’m thinking about it, why the hell not.

          beta keys for everyone

    2. Thanks Glenn. 🙂 Also, that does appear to be the million dollar question. What’s in the magicky whatsit?

      1. For reals, since the magic seems to be a major separator in these societies and cultures, a “road-map” for even the genetic unfortunates being able to attain these powers. This would be a big fat prize, and losing the monopoly would mean a total game-change.

      2. Gosh.
        I’m just guessing, based on the story so far (and what seems to be missing, like gaps in the continuity.)
        The info would be a technological solution for augmenting the electromagnetic aura of even those not gifted with the mage ability.
        -But of course I could be all wrong!

  4. I LOVE the courtyard, and the koi. I know I’m supposed to be paying attention to the mood, but stiiiiiill. It’s so pretty!! Good job. Still as lovely of a story as ever. Still looking forward to every update. <3

  5. Haaa! Not like there could be any doubt who was to blame…
    She: “What did you DO?”
    He :”Um…”
    She: “You killed him!”
    He :”Um, not on purpose?”
    She: “You don’t even believe that yourself!”
    He :”Well…um…”
    She: “What makes you think you can waltz back into my life and KILL my husband?”
    He :”When you say it like that…um… I dunno?”

    Like Orson Wells said about K: “He’s guilty as hell!” 😀

    1. Haha, this is distressingly accurate.

  6. I love this comic, the artwork, the story line. Beautiful.

  7. That is some pretty courtyard right there. Beautiful first shot.

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