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  1. I’m sorry… I always forget to put *spoiler* tags on my wild guesses… it’s even gotten me kicked off from a cartoon-commenting board once :p

    But, jest aside, you’ve really got the flow and the energy of the dialogue locked in tight!
    With the jagged edges and the obscured parts of faces and everything, you’ve got this sequence mounting in intensity to the point where it seems like Ren is going to slap Lethe ***SO HARD*** in the last pane. So hard, in fact that Adrianna might get another scar from it, simply by association.

    1. Ha, I think you’re fine. 🙂 Rampant speculation is encouraged, and if it happens to be accurate, good on you. And thanks very much! I’m trying to very carefully consider everything in this scene.

  2. Its gorgeous. This stuff is just too delicate to be left to an automatic-type process, but is full Photoshop the only answer? Can a finished page done in Manga Studio be further modified?

    1. Sorry Glenn, I don’t think I follow…? There are no automatic processes involved in making my pages, particularly not at the inking/drawing stage. Switching out Manga Studio in favour of Photoshop for my inking isn’t a huge leap – all my sketching and colouring has been done in Photoshop, and the first 160 pages or so of RMR are entirely done in Photoshop.

      And yes, a page done in Manga Studio can be further modified – “done” is perhaps misleading, since I sketch the page in Photoshop, export it to Manga Studio for inking, and then import it back into Photoshop to do all the painting and colouring. The difference with this page is that I just stayed in Photoshop for the duration.

      1. I thought the inking in Manga Studio was a sort of “click and fill” operation that would be more automatic. I’ve only seen examples and heard good things about it. Toby Gard’s “Otherworld” makes use of the features of Manga Studio, but he doesn’t do anything that could be described as painterly- his style is B/W & more hard-edged, but it fits.
        Your style is definitely full Art, so Manga Studio may not be your cup of tea.

        1. Not sure what you mean by click and fill, inking isn’t really something you can automate, unless you mean like… I dunno, filling in the flat black areas. At any rate, I use Manga Studio as a drawing tool more than anything else – my inking is B/W and hard-edged before I colour it. It’s much more analogous to the way one would ink with natural media (ink over blue pencil, say), just done digitally. The pen tool in Manga Studio is excellent for this in general and can behave a lot like an inking brush, hence my general preference.

          As for it being my cup of tea…? Again not sure what you mean, since I’ve been using Manga Studio for most of the Red Moon Rising pages for something like a year now. I like it! I just also prefer to try out new methods once in a while.

  3. I love the lighting on this page. It’s adds this harder tone to the setting yet…softer too….if that makes any sense. Which it probably doesn’t. It makes me think of awkward silences at campfires at midnight when you’re really supposed to be asleep. Especially panels one and two. Do you think I could use Ren’s face in p4 as a reference image for my mini-comic? It looks so …right.

    1. Absolutely, go right ahead. I’m very flattered! 🙂

  4. Oh sh*t, she’s giving him a hell of an evil eye in the last panel.
    OK, Lethe, there are two things you can do now:
    – Explain yourself in a VERY convincing way.
    – Run for your life.

    1. About now he probably wishes he had brought chocolates to go with the green glowstick… and aspirin… and some booze.
      Or maybe just the booze.

      1. Oh, it’s fine. It’s all going to turn out just fine.

        1. Yanno, you always say that. And then it never does. You’re like, the worst Nostradamus ever. 😀

  5. I LOVE the panel design here. Everything is harsh, cut off, claustrophobic, then the last panel just explodes – while still being vertically confined.

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