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  1. Yaaaayyyy…

  2. Welcome back

  3. If anything, more beautiful than your previous pages…

  4. BlackJackChelaque

    YAY!!! I’m so happy that your arm healed enough for you to start up again. I love the style of your pages, it’s so nice to see someone who creates their own look that works so well. Thanks for such a good comic.

    1. BlackJackChelaque

      BTW, would love to see your method behind the art. Just Saying!

      1. Its all up there in the top menu ! How to’s, tips, examples, etc.

  5. Glad your better, the comic is great.

  6. The RSS feed just told me there is a new page, yaaaay! I knew that a Scottish samurai pirate could overcome any adversity.

    ps: Hooray for reflections and mysterious *ksh* noises.

  7. YAAAY-
    I mean, awww-
    I mean…
    I don’t know. I think this page/blog post is part of the Kingdom of Mixed Signals.

  8. Awww, look at that panel two pout.

    So glad you’re back!

  9. Welcome back to the worlds of the semi-living, the Intarweb! 😉

    Actually, I had hopes for her husband’s eventual survival. Yes, Lethe is a self-centered dummy but emo’s have a tendency to be like that. It is strange though, her being in the gov and all, that he doesn’t tell her about the secrets he stole.

  10. Welcome back!! Glad your arm is “mostly healed & you feel up to comicking again. 😀 Don’t push yourself tho! Your readers would rather you be pain-free & healthy than mess up any more body parts just to get a page up. 🙂

  11. Yay – Welcome home

  12. Red Moon Rising is back!

    That fanart looks like it took a long time to draw, especially her hair. Cool! And it looks like Patience Stewart is connected to a cool blog who several people post on, so I’m not sure which one of them made it =) I like the book that’s posted on the blog so far though!

    1. 😀 That would be me. It’s a family blog, so my dad and brother-in-law post there as well. I go under the moniker Tiger Lilly, and I also wrote the book. Thanks a lot!

  13. Whoah, you actually healed up WAY sooner than I thought you would. Or at least, you uploaded way sooner …(I’m not complaining lol)

  14. I only have one problem with 2012. My birthday is on 3Jan and I officially turn yet another year older. I will be 58 on that day. Yes, it beats the alternative ;).

  15. i’m so glad to hear you’re alright. and i’m thrilled to death you’re back! i can’t wait to read more comics, and take all the time you need to get back into the swing of things

  16. He’s thinking : “I did think it would work… should I have brought Chocolates? I bet that’s it…”
    Poor Lethe, he got all the romantic genes in the family, while his sis got all the In-your-face-ic genes.

    Now… “ksh ksh”… someone is coming! If someone were to do another one of those neat permutations, it’d be fun if the newcomer is yet another “Lethe’s long lost love”-candidate :p

  17. Just found your webcomic and I *really* like it; The artwork’s amazing.

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