Happy new year! Hope everyone had a good hogmanay, and other non-international words that will surely confound 95% of my audience.

I’ve set up a old vote incentive archive, as per requests. The Extras link at the top of the page is now a dropdown, for future reference. Next up, an actual gallery with pictures and stuff in it! And then a new vote incentive, hopefully.


Page 269

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  1. Woo! New page for a new year! And of course Danil mentions the kid, what a dick…. Maybe he’ll just bake the kid some cupcakes though…..

    And yay for the new old vote incentive archive!

  2. OK, he’s going to threaten her, and has decided to stay there for psychological warefare purposes. He’s “just following orders” versus her defending the homeland and family. He’s lost already!

  3. No word to the fact of her being armed at the moment was there? Next one would be a good opportunity to explore that ^^

    1. Armed? You forget that she is a fire-maker. Don’t get her mad!

      1. Well, he isn´t exactly a sucker, either…

        1. This could be a rather epic fight if it develops that far. (Perhaps they would hold themselves from that because they’re in the house of healing, but she might be just waiting for him to try something.) He might be testing her.

  4. I looked through the vote incentives. I especially enjoy the Ashul insignia, which I thought for a sec was a stick man raising his arms and sprinting across the screen.

    1. That’s all I can see now… XD

  5. “Such a nice son you have. Be a shame if something… happened to him…”


  6. ah subtle threats my favorite.

    Danil is pretty badass i must say, loving this strip more with evert new page you put up, it’s awesome.

  7. LAZORZ is awesome, I love the retired vote incentives. 🙂

  8. You can almost feel the menace in the colonel’s words.
    Well done girl and I am glad to hear that you are now warmer. I’ve had a couple of hangovers installed since then, why I haven’t been around. Being 58 suxors but the alternative suxors harder. 3Jan passed while I was suitable tranquilized 😉

  9. Ha, if this were me in this situation, I’d be completely oblivious. “Yeah, that was my son…?” I’m not very good at reacting to the whole menacing thing…

    Renshou seems to have it down, though. 😀

  10. Great work! I’ve been following this comic for a while now and I am loving it, and felt like adding my comment to the fray for once as well. ^^

    And I really like the Colonel! I don’t know why, he is rather devious and manacing in general, but I can’t help it. x)

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