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  1. Gallery!!!

    Of your art and fanart. That is what I want to see. =D

    1. There´s a gallery-button right on top in the middle. 😀

      1. …with nothing on the page o_o

        1. It´s an empty gallery then. But still a gallery. 😛

          You wanna see content? Well, there´s another button somewhere on the page…

    2. Man, I had honestly completely forgotten about the gallery. There was originally one there before the site got hacked for the first time, but I never got around to rebuilding it. I’ll try and have it up before the end of January!

  2. “Support the Risharan Resistance. Donate here!” 😀

    Yes, a gallery would be pretty awesome. Or an archive of old vote incentives.

    Also, Danil’s a cold-hearted ass. (As if we didn’t know that already.)

    1. An archive of old vote incentives actually wouldn’t be that difficult at all. TWC does a pretty good job of keeping them organised on my account on their website, so out of everything on the site they’re actually quite well preserved, especially since I hosted them on Photobucket. Should have that up soon. 🙂 Plus the gallery, of course.

      1. Yay! 😀

        1. Already done, in fact. The extras link in the menu is now a dropdown. 🙂

        2. Eeeee! [fangirlish squealing]

  3. Also, “Tip-jar” or “Donate” – i don´t care about the name of the thingy. Just make it clear for us dense germans what it´s good for. 😉

    “Support the Artist! Now and here!” could do. 🙂

    1. I feel like a tip jar with a few coins in it linking to a paypal donation page should be self-explanatory? Hopefully? Something a bit like this though obviously more in keeping with the overall style of the comic and website. I could probably have “support the artist” or “support the comic” on it as well just to be clear.

      1. Yes, i´d recommend an additional explanation. We use the exact word “Tip” or “Tips” here in Germany, but it means “advice” like in “ask the doctor”, so there would be confusion (“tip” translated to german is “Trinkgeld”). And a nice pic surely would help. HTH, and Happy New Year to you!

  4. OLD VOTE INCENTIVES! So that Galak with his hair tied back can live on forever.

    Allsooo, for the donate button graphic, could you please draw hobo Galak? 😀

    1. That would be funny.

      Danil, why are you so meeeaaannn?

      1. Vote incentives, definitely! Added to the list. 🙂 As for hobo Galak, I unfortunately suspect that might not be clear enough. I’m sure it was better in your imagination anyway.

        Also, Danil is mean for reasons only Danil knows.

  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we hardcore-types simply want more Awesomesauce on the site.

    The exact definition of Awesomesauce is perhaps not quite so easy to pin down. (I personally think it means, “whatever the hell the author wants to put on the site, because it’s all good.”)


    Also, I’m really, really glad he’s not dead yet. Saiamar, I mean. He’s a compelling character, and I’d like to postpone his death as long as possible.

    1. I have carefully scrawled “awesomesauce” onto my whiteboard.

  6. Whatever suits you darlin’. I’ve always believed in KISS and keeping the focus where it belongs, on the content.

    There are a number of sites that have a tip-jar and call it that. KEZ and Katfeet both have one. Folks don’t mind tossing a busker a tip but tend to hold back from donating to charities. But, it’s your call.

    I’m glad you got enough scratch for some heat and woolins. You need to stay hale and hearty so that we can get to the end of this tale 😉

    1. Thanks, sugarbuns. The tip jar’s pretty much inevitable, I just need to make a nice graphic I won’t be embarrassed to plonk in the sidebar.

  7. There should be no shame, at all, in at the very least asking for some funds to cover the costs of hosting and art supplies.

    Plus, TWC top 100 woo! Let’s keep voting folks.

    1. Fortunately, my art supplies bill as a digital artist is pretty limited. I could do with a new graphics card one of these days since my current one is over five years old, but otherwise… it’s not like I need to buy big vats of oil paint. Though the hosting is a good point. The advertising does cover it and then some, but the amount of time I put into the comic is akin to a hefty part time job, so… well, any and all money is appreciated and wisely invested.

      Also, thanks for voting. 🙂 I’ll try and update the incentive soon.

  8. Sai is not dead?? Awesome!!! Does that mean he might recover?

    1. Ah, the eternal optimism of youth!

    2. If he doesn’t die then we’ll never get out of this hospital room…
      DIE Salamar! DIE!!!

      1. I just noticed that his name is spelled Saiamar, and not Salamar.
        Sorry Saiamar!

  9. You already have all I look for in a webcomic: about, cast, and archives. And updates. ^_^

  10. Danil is scary looking on the side panel.

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