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  1. Livestream link? With Pokemon music looping infinitely?? GIVE ME THE LINK OMNOMNOM

    Also, yes, I agree, Lethe kept his head rather impressively. That view of the back of his head is wonderfully rendered, btw.

  2. Wow, 250 pages! Congratulations! The inking is beautiful as always, so thanks for pushing on and doing it again (of course, it would have been a little odd if you had 249 pages inked and one uninked).

  3. 250. Nice Number. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  4. This should be good. o_o

  5. She’s not being too obvious is she? Well, in lieu of an exciting car-chase we’ll have a hectic on-foot scramble through Imarra!
    Hooray for 250!
    I wouldn’t mind at all if the pages became a little more sketchy and impressionistic if it would cut some of your development time away.

  6. Run away!

    RUN AWAY!!!

  7. What are the odds? Lethe v Adrianna race. Why is Lethe running?

    BTW, I love your new Tip Jar. The artwork is, as usual, gorgeous!

    1. Lethe’s running because he’s been running from Galak&co ever since he got hold of that information, and he’s darn well not going to stop now.

      1. Even when one of them is his sister? But then again, he’s not anxious to see her either 😉 We don’t know what he’s up to but he has been trying to exclude his sister from the begining.

        1. Leeettheeeee come ooooooonnn! Wait uuup! Mom said you have to play with meeeeeeee! Mom saaaaaiiiiddd-uhhhhh! -5 year old Adrianna.

          I can just hear it.

        2. I don’t think he’s running from his sister… looking at the… third? panel… he’s only seeing Galak (since Adrianna is blurred out). And then he bolts.

  8. I love how you arranged the word balloons here…how they’re broken up…
    I don’t know if I can explain this well, but it visually appears and reads just as you would expect to hear it.

    Great job, and congrats on 250!

  9. I said those exact words before reaching that last panel XD

  10. It must be genetic

  11. Sister who was looking for you for months finds you.

    Run away!

    Also 25 hours for #250; coincdence? If not do #300 in advance.

  12. ’Lethe, get your arse back here! You owe me so many frickin’ cakes! Do you know what I had to do get here! I had to SWIM! Swim, I tell you! And don’t get me started on getting shocked by lightning or handcuffed! Stop running right now!’

    That was the mental Adrianna, that’s always there, yelling in my head as I read this page.

  13. Pfft. Lethe will never be able to outrun Ms. Squirrel-lady!

  14. A request:
    For those of us reread the comic every so often or those who are new to the comic and read it start to finish, is it possible to put the “First” – “Previous” – “Next” – “Last” buttons at the bottom of the page as well as the top?
    Oh – and P.S sorry for stealing your art for Michael’s T-shirt. He wore it to family dinner and it looked great.


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