And they all lived happily ever after.

In my furious haze over the lost work on last week’s page, I forgot to mention that the
gallery is now, finally, in operation. There’s a decent spread of some of the art I’ve done for Red Moon Rising over the last few years, plus all the various fanart I’ve been sent. If your fanart’s not there it’s not because I hate you, it’s simply a cack-handed oversight on my part. Email me with it or leave a comment with a link here and I’ll have it posted ASAP. 🙂


Page 271

0 thoughts on “Page 271

  1. Panel 3- Pout. Love it.

    ARRRGGGG I miss the M-W-F update schedule. Need moar. I demand you drop everything and draw more comic pages. Right now.

  2. Ink, you twart me again. You must bribe Rose to call you 10 minutes before each page.

    Awesome page! I wish I had a Bracken so I could tell him “you know what to do”

    The cast page looks more populated then the last time I looked, too, but maybe I’m just unobservant.

    1. Oh yeah, me and Rose, we’re like this. [holds up two crossed fingers]

      Oooorrrrrrr I check the site obsessively every Monday… But sh don’t tell anyone.

  3. He knows “what to do?”
    There’s a madman (dedicated patriot) with a sword.
    I think everybody should run and hide.

  4. Did Bracken just turn invisible? *__*

    1. Yup. Also he switches position instantly. 😀

  5. Yeah, if we see them from the back on the background panel, then they should stand the other way round from the front. Unless, of course, if we look at a perfect mirror behind them reflecting the image, in which case all is in order. 😉

    And disappearing just so means he must have some levels in “ninja”!

    Updates are great as usual and yay for Gallery!

    1. You and der matologe are pretty hyper-observant – I never would have noticed that.

    2. Huh, wow. You are 100% right, how did I mess something that up? I’ll add it to the list of fixes, haha. 🙂

      1. Don´t bother. Just mirror panel 4 and delete our heretical comments. 😉

    3. Yeah, Bracken ninja’d away.
      And if she mirrors the panel the lightning in the background would be wrong I guess?
      Unless she still has the .psd with all the layers this is not gonna be an easy fix >.<

      Awesome page Rose!

      1. That´d be panel 5. P4 is the only one “shot from behind”, so there would be no problem. But who are we to complain? Or patronize? Rose, just delete our heresy! 😉

  6. It still looks OK, even though they’re right. However I don’t look at art for it’s absolute precision but for the intent of the illustration. Its flawless.

    1. Aww. There were times when you sounded different… 😀

      1. Its not just the art, but how its viewed. Sometimes it fits the story perfectly and there’s nothing sticking out to engage your awareness before it merges seamlessly with the dialogue and makes sense.
        Then there is the occasional detail that the artist may not have seen, even though they imagined and produced it. I think that one of the other reasons I read this story is to offer feedback, but I would rather not do that unless there was some way the illustration or story might be improved. I don’t like judging work, but I do like helping.
        Everyone has their own view.
        I have no doubt that Rose will change the #4 panel because it was obviously wrong, but I didn’t notice it at all until it was pointed out. Its a good thing somebody noticed! 🙂

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