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  1. I think it’s a perfectly legitimate question, really.

  2. Why would you even think a thing like that?

  3. Eggs. Because you never know.

  4. I haven’t commented on this site in years, but I’ve come here several times a week to see it. Does this mean we will actually learn with Lethe is up to? For real? I’m almost too excited for the next few pages!

  5. Love how Adrianna is faster than her brother. And, nope, something things never do change.

    1. Damnit, Lethe. You got to get in shape! Not even fear of Adrianna let you run fast enough. I mean who doesn’t fear her? :O

  6. She’s asking a verrrry good question. I’m sure we would all like to know the answer to that.
    Especially lovely, the background light color and textures, but its all nice. It clicks with goodness!! And Adrianna looks really mad.

  7. rage Adrianna

    1. Not yet. Wait until she gets answers… 😀

  8. Soo reminds me of me and my brother!

    Also, I have to say seeing your update today totally turned a crap day around for me. Thanks! Love your work!

  9. Aha, Lethe straight up books out of there–triggerhappy TV-style. I love this comic

  10. awesome to see how your art evolved over time =D

  11. and some thing do. Your style has evolved so much!

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