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  1. Teehehehe…. awesome page. Nice one, Rose!

  2. Hmm? So the Envoy is from Ashul? Erk, I guess he’s just getting the cold shoulder from everyone in this situation.

  3. The smirk of the captain in the penultimate panel is my favourite panel since quite a while. Or, at least since Danil got a stone to his head.

    1. Is that a smirk, or one of those looks like she was fishing for a reaction?

      1. Depending on how you interpret the angle of her eyebrows, it could be a look of pity. Though I couldn’t imagine why.

        1. The Captain does not strike me as the pitying type, nor one who patronizes or goads others for a reaction. It seems to me that she genuinely believes what she said (perhaps indicating that she finds him naive for thinking otherwise), and that her offer of a “lift back home” is both honest and polite. Being captain of a (war)ship, particularly a damaged one stranded in (potentially) hostile territory, does not leave a lot of spare thought for amusement, not that she seems to indulge in the behavior when outside of the current predicament.

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