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  1. You have really improved at drawing Danil (and everybody else). He has become good to look at. It would be a shame if he gets his face blown off.

    1. Pssh, he had it comin’.

  2. So that’s either Renshou or an explosive, but I’m betting Renshou.

    Also, the third- and second-to-last panels are pretty amazing. I agree with Fleece, it’s been really cool to watch your art progress.

  3. Bracken + Flamethrower? Or a really ticked off Adrianna?

    Whoever it is, I’m sure we can agree that Bracken + Flamethrower > Danil.

  4. …Rose, once again: good work.

    I think panel five is my favourite drawing of Danil yet.
    Bruised, a bit worried, and a little regret showing on his face.
    (though that might be my imagination)

    So, my bet is Renshou. We see the columns behind him, so it is not Adrianna. and the direction would fit as well.
    And well, the sheer MASS of flames points to Renshou.
    She was depicted with a good control over fire when she tried to teach her son.
    And while she didn’t exactly greet Lethe with open arms…
    that might have driven her into a rage fit.

    Why isn’t Danils shield responding? my best guess is, that it’s more of a kinetic barrier.
    He can push people around and shield himself from debris (as he did at least once),
    put can’t protect himself against this gout of flames?
    Or he is just tired… time will tell I guess.

    1. His barrior didnt protect him from the flame-punch as well. As with any barrior, it dosnt work if its not up. Likely he wasnt expecting to get attacked, so he didnt have any sort of defences up.

      1. My guess with the punch was that he just didn’t expect it.
        I do think he would have had time to react in this page…
        an entire panel is devoted to him looking surprised while his face is allready illuminated by the flames.

        1. Well, that might be the thing – The flames are on him already!
          Last time he had to throw up the shield in a hurry was when he found out the glo-stick was missing, and also found Lethe’s explosive device about to go off.
          But then he had time to look surprised *before* the explosion.
          So, he might not have made it this time, or he might have only partially succeeded, getting bad burns in the process.

  5. I’ve never commented before, but I just wanted to thank you or the work you put into this comic, and the gorgeous piece of art each panel has become. You are awesome.

  6. Man, this chapter is /glorious/. Don’t think we’ve ever seen Danil with expressions like this. He looks conflicted.

  7. We’ve seen Renshou only playing around with a candle so far, but it shows at least that she’s a capable firemage. Unless Adrianna managed to improve on the spot, I figure it’s Ren’s work.


      Playing around with a candle, sure.
      But displaying an amount of “scriptures” on her face
      akin to late Cl. Ironhand and Danil.
      Amount of runes= amount of power.
      As far as I gathered the runes are inscribed pretty early
      to help people use their magic.
      Magicians are born, not trained. So this flame? No way that’s from Adrianna.

      1. Amount of runes might be more related to number of controllable elements, I think…
        But then Adrianna has two, so maybe they come in pairs, one signifying the element and one signifying the power level?
        But yeah, Ren’s runes go all the way down to her neck, so that’s something at least.

        1. Nope, there’s one rune for the element (5 types if I’m right) and 3 other runes per element for the stuff you can do with it (up to 3 types if I’m right). So Adrianna has one for fire and one for manipulation.

        2. Can you remember where that was revealed? I guess it’s somewhere in comments, right?
          Difficult to search without an issue number or somfink.
          “Manipulation”… fancy word for “punches with it” 😀

        3. I believe it was in the Formspring questions.

        4. That’s right, though I think it was quite a while ago. You’ll probably have to scroll back a lot.

        5. Hey Rose, I know your fingers are itching to comment, maybe you could vent that with recapping the “Mage content declaration facial tattoos”, aka “runes”?
          Pweddy pweeez?

        6. Hey! Sorry again for being absent, I’m trying to get this page done and posted ASAP, so that’s being hogging my focus right now.

          Anyway, Day speaks truth! I covered this in a formspring answer to pretty much that effect. Once the page is up I’ll come back and find the specific answer for you. 🙂

  8. <..>

  9. I just have to second all the people commenting on how gorgeous this comic has been lately. It’s just breathtaking. Every page has a couple of panels (or all of them!) I have to go back and stare at, repeatedly, and this is the only comic I do that for regularly, although I follow a lot of comics with very professional art – this one is just the most _beautiful_.

    Is there any chance of a print version coming out someday? This is a comic I’d love to be able to savour.

    Also, oh Lethe…

  10. 😀 Yay!
    …me yaying at people being torched is rather odd in hindsight, but I am really starting to hate this guy…
    Whoever the firemage is- good luck.

    *runs in circles, celebrating the awesomeness*

  12. Airin just let charizard out of its pokéball.

  13. Damn! Your expressions just keep getting better and better!

  14. I agree with the others, by process of elimination, the new attack vector has to be coming from Ren. With Lethe and Adrianna down, she’s the only one left and the only mage present that can match Danil. Adrianna is no hope on that score.

    Ren may have though that she was ready to hand over Lethe but this fight has pushed her over the edge with Ashul’s high handed ways. Remember that it was an Ashule assassin that inadvertantly killed her husband.

    Political arguments aside, her husband was killed by an Ashule operative and she just witnessed her son’s true father getting killed by another Ashule operative. She’s not fond of Ashule as it is and this is the final straw. At this point it has become too personal to simply set aside as an abstract and she is enraged. She had to have some feelings for Lethe or she wouldn’t have become impregnated by him.

    OTOH, Lethe might only be severely injured and still available for rescue. However, I doubt it.

    I am probably wrong but this is how I read it currently. Good story and great artwork.

    1. Sorry to pop your bubble, but as I see it, Danil just plainly burned a hole through Lethe’s neck. I somehow doubt, that a patch and some vitamin pills will patch that up.

      1. Oh burned a hole through the neck and throat? Have a bandaid… good thing it wasn’t something serious, like a sword through the gut. Burns we can cure, but haggis we can’t.

        1. There’s never a cure for haggis.

  15. I’m hoping it’s his son…

  16. Beautifull as ever.
    And I kinda like Danil. He doesn’t realyl seem like that bad a guy and Lethe IS a traitor. Then again I liked Lethe.

    That’s what I like about this comic. All characters seem like normal people who just wind up in bad situations.

    Also Lethe COULD be alive. The image doesn’t show fire burnign trough the neck.

  17. 10-to-1 it’s the kid.

    1. Airin is the son of Lethe, the most powerfully nonmagical person in Awl the Realms 😉
      So, I’ll take those odds. I bet 5 Ashulese pieces of (after) eight.

  18. I wish it is Airin, but he would have no motivation to kill Danil, would he? He knows that his nominal father isn’t his real father, but he doesn’t know that Lethe is his real father, right?

    …So, Renshou? I SO CONFUZZEDDD

    1. Actually, that’s a major plot line. The kid DOESN’T know that Lethe is his father because Ren is passing off Saiamar as the kid’s father. It would become a major scandal were it known otherwise.

      1. Exac. So it wouldn’t make any sense if Airin were the instigator of that awesome last panel.

        1. I am hoping for a thoroughly mundane Airin.
          He’ll grow up in a time of change, where mundanes can break free of the magocracy.
          Interesting times, but ultimately ones that favor the mundies.

      2. Empressofmelnibone

        Actually Airin “does” know that Saiamar isn’t his birth father because he overheard Renshou and Saiamar talking about it when they thought Airin was asleep.

  19. Wow, you know, I had always thought of Danil as kind of an okay villain who was grumpy more than anything else. I never thought him to be insanely malicious; he never physically harmed Adrianna when he forced her to work with him.

    But these last two pages – wow. He didn’t have to do what he just did. He could have tried to incapacitate her brother, probably could have done so easily. But he did a kill shot to the neck! Cruel! There’s no remorse on his face on this page. Maybe a little, “Well, I had to do it…” or “Whoa, I just killed that dude. Yikes. Whatevs…,” but no remorse!

    He’s a true villain!

  20. Anyways, I hope Danil survives the whole ordeal. He’s too awesome to get fried just like that.

    1. Danil will defeat all the criminals and return to Ashul to claim justified accolades.
      Happy ending = Amicable 😛

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