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  1. I don’t say this nearly enough, but everything about Red Moon Rising is simply phenomenal. The gritty art, those expressions, action and meaningful characters occupying the same space. The look on Renshou’s face tugged at my heart in a way I can’t really describe.

  2. I still want to see Bracken with a flamethrower. 🙁

  3. Wow! Your pages just get better and better! Although I have to say, I didn’t expect Renshou. And I second that flamethrower and Bracken combo.

  4. I love love love this page. The textures, colors, and composition–and, above all, the storyline–get better and better with every page 8D


    1. Also, on that previous page. Is that smoke coming up from Lethe’s body in the first panel? :’(

      1. It’s either smoke or the smell of bacon

        1. That is both terrible and hilarious.

        2. I know you’ve gotten higher praise than this for your work, but I enjoy how evocative (is that the right word) your characters’ expressions are.
          I wish I could draw human faces that well.

  5. Yet again, you’ve made a panel that’s less a comic book page and more a work of art….. along with a phenomenal story. So far this is the best quality work and story I’ve seen in the world of webcomics. The only other one that comes close is Sarah Ellerton’s Phoenix Requiem.

  6. Renshou! Hell yes!

  7. Ren looks awesome in that last panel. Does she really have more mage brand than Danil?

    Many webcomix simply illustrate their story. However, each page of this one is a work of Fine Art that goes way beyond simple illustration.

    1. Agreed on the art. A wow on each turn of the page.

      Re:Magebrand (cool name, BTW) : it’s hard to tell with the different styles.
      On one hand, Danil has both brand above and below the eye, and I seem to remember his down-runes going a long further (before Adrianna scorched his face).
      So, if the two styles are otherwise identical, Danil might have a couple more than Ren.

  8. Is that Airin in the bottom-right corner?

  9. This is just great stuff, man!
    I love the composition and the colors and the shadows and the facial expressions and the… WOW!

  10. So how do we keep score? By prediction of plot twists?

    Also, I am in favor of the braken-with-flamethrower-idea as well.

  11. Oh my. i was not expecting Renshou! Can anyone say International Incident?? Oo And I have to agree with the others, Red Moon is simply amazing, and absolutely deservers some serious recognition. Though, on second thought that means we’d have to share you with more people. Hmmmm. 😉

  12. Superb. Worth the suspense.
    Still waiting with bated breath for each new page.
    Cheers from Singapore.

  13. this webcomic keeps getting better and better, story and art-wise.
    And it was already awesome at the start.

  14. Yess, mage-battle!


    I’m sorry. Too much Korra. Anyway…

    This page is gorgeous to look at. I notice that Renshou has more glowy face tattoos….does this mean she’s a more powerful firebender–I mean mage?

    1. That’s what the war with Ashul was all about: Renshou’s crowd used flowy runes, golden glo-dye and put the tattoos starting from the left eye. Ashul used angular runes, silver glo-dye and started from the right eye.
      Obviously, there was never a war more justified, more moral and necessary.

      1. Angle is evil! Flow is a go! /propaganda

        dear god I am terrible at rhyming

  16. This is unusual of me–three comments on the same page. Maybe a little obnoxious. But anyways–is there any significance in the fact that Renshou’s and Danil’s glowy tattoos are around different eyes?

    1. One is evil and one is … nah.
      I think it’s just a matter of different traditions for different nations.

      1. Or Rose mirrored this page horizontally before posting it…

        1. As seen here

          The runes have allways been on this side of her face,
          the same face Saimar has his:

          While Danil always had the on the side they are now.
          So I guess this is a national difference,
          for Adrianna has hers on the same side as Danil,
          as did late Colonel Ironhand and the airship captain.

  17. Maybe this is too morbid, but isn’t that big gout of flame gonna, you know, roast Lethe’s corpse even more? All these fire mages seem prone to pretty rash action.

    1. Dude, thats the whole point of firemagic. Scorch all and everything to the ground if it makes you the slightest bit uncomfortable. Ain’t no problem, that can’t be solved by cranking the temperature up another two thousand degrees.

  18. Renshou’s expression is absolutely amazing.

  19. Wonder what Danil would do now. I don’t think he wants to fight her.

  20. I very much love looking at the lovely work that you do. I do have two questions.

    I have been looking at the letterings on the faces during magical feats. This last page, I could not figure out if the blood covers up the letterings or if he did not draw on as much energy so the letterings don’t go all the way down. One panel looks like the letterings are completely in the bloodied cheek and the other looks like it should have some of the letterings showing through.

    Also for major magical works their is the lettering over the eye. Does this mean that Renshou did not us as much of her potential?

  21. Is she crying? :’(

  22. Personally, I can’t get enough of Renshou’s very impressive chest on an otherwise very trim figure. You can’t really blame what’s-his-chops from being a bit naughty.

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