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  1. *rageflips a room full of tables* D’:

    Okay, okay, okay… Adrianna, time to %#*$ a $@&$^ up…

  2. Well. Normally when the artist of a webcomic does the ’silhouette strike,’ they’re just trying to fool people into thinking someone got killed.
    However, at this point, I think that unless Lethe’s fireproof…


    (Also, is Adrianna missing a hand or it it just under the really opaque water?)

    1. Had to go back a few pages to make sure Adrianna didn’t lose her right hand. She had it before she landed in the pool, so the only way she could have lost her hand is if something in the water took it…

      1. Oops, that’s my bad, I forgot to draw a reflection under her arm. It’s still very much intact.

  3. Ok… ok… she’s just… um… cauterizing the wound. Right? Right?! O.o

  4. It doesn’t look good for our heroes…

  5. Commander Fabulous


    …Except for the fact that is possibly THE prettiest way to die. What? Silver lining and all that.

  6. Thoughts running through my head:
    Right in front of her?!

    1. Right in front of EVERYBODY. His sister, his erstwhile lover, and his son (even though Airin might not know Lethe is his father, that would still be traumatic for an eight year old to see, I would think).


  7. O.O

    If I were the Colonel, I wouldn’t stick around for Adrianna’s reaction. I think she might surprise him with how lethally inventive she can get, even with her limited power level.

  8. OH SHI-

  9. My question is did he just get fireballed through the throat, or did it go through the Colonel’s fingertips AROUND his throat? Time to wait for the next page.

    1. I wondered that too! But then I thought it would have been pointless for Danil to just aim it around his throat (in a ’why bother’ sense).

      Either way, he’s either dead or half his face is melted off.

      1. Well…unless Kyethn is killing off the main character, then I foresee Lethe being wounded.

        1. In an interview she did (with TWC, I think), she did say that (minor spoiler)

          a main character was going to die within the next 50 pages. That was thirty pages ago, I think.

        2. Well…that’s just sad. 🙁

          Poor Lethe! Don’t die!

      2. Possibly as a warning shot…”stop giving the audience this great action scene, or Lethe gets it.”

        *refresh page* *refresh page* *refresh page*

  10. Where’s Bracken when you need him.

    He can kill mages with his miiind, poor Lethe couldn’t… 🙁

  11. Ahhhhh….Noes. 🙁 Lethe!

  12. [hint]”Somebody” *really* needs to stick a sword through the Colonel about now [/hint]

  13. I think Renshou will not be amused about the second dead pal in two days.

  14. I really hope that Danil is revenge proof, cuz Adrianna is gonna go all Boondock Saints on him real soon now.

  15. And the colonel’s about to get his ass handed to him!…

    *waits for it*

  16. I am seriously hoping he just burnt the the rope/chain thingy off his neck!!!!!!!

  17. Goodbye Lethe. 🙁

  18. Ach… well, we knew it was coming didn’t we? Time to grow up.

    One thing strikes me; AWESOME foreshadowing in those chapter covers!!! Masssive kudos, Rose!
    The last two especially have done more than set the stage, they’ve let us “sorta-kinda” know beforehand what was going to happen, and yet spoiled nothing.

    I think this means the amicability train left town…

  19. Im sure my name looks pretty strange to you,im from South Africa and iv been enjoying your graphic novel from here. I gota say,your work is amazing,i just can’t put it down(figurativly you know). keep it up,I wish i could draw like you*hides*

    1. Thank you! That’s so kind of you. It’s always cool to hear from people all over the world. Glad you’re enjoying the comic. 🙂

      1. How can I link you to my work–im also working on an online piece,i would value your opinion?

  20. If this is Lethe’s final scene, at least he fought for someone he cared about… Is it wrong that I now feel proud of this fictional character?… also I’m hoping Danil gets a smack down. Don’t mess with family! (I’m a little overprotective :D)

    great work.. I geniunely care about these characters. and the art is fantastic.
    from Australia

  21. Did it hit the side of the neck or go through?! Hit the side or go through!?!?!? D: D: D: D: D: I NEED ANSWERS! My sanity hinges on it!D

  22. I don’t think i’ll last much longer… must stop biting nails…

    please don’t be dead lethe… please don’t be dead…

  23. Time for the kid to manifest.

  24. Well, Lethe sort of deserved it and at this point the colonel is done with futzing around. If’n I recall correctly, the neckclass is where Lethe was carrying the data crystal, which is what Danil wanted above all else. At this point Danil is done with Lethe’s foolishness and the accompanying brain damage.

    One has to admit to Lethe’s massive stupidity throughout this ordeal. He may have been sympathetic but this isn’t undeserved and Danil *is* a cop, a cop under fire, and with both objectives readily to hand. What Lethe did was treasonous and due process would likely have handed him a death sentence anyway. The colonel knows beyond reasonable doubt that Adrianna isn’t complicitous; this is a good thing for her and why the colonel is being relatively nice, even though she is a known deserter.

    He *is* a cop and has a cop’s sense of justice. He is handing out just deserts and fair comeuppance today. Look at all the collateral damage that Lethe has caused and say it isn’t so, with any credibility. Lethe had it comming to him from many perspectives.

    On the other hand, I expect Danil to tone down his responses to Adrianna out of just consideration.

    1. BTW, I like Danil. He’s a little harsh but he is a patriot that is doing a job for his country. That is something that no one can really fault him for.

    2. Um… duh?

      That’s where this moving sense of tragedy comes from. That here is no clean-cut noble heroes nor evil villains,just humans who must resort to desperate measures and you just know it cannot possibly end well for anyone.

      As you recall, Lethe was ok with his fair comeuppance, too, a few pages ago. It was when his sister put herself in grave danger Lethe decided to cross that line into cop-attacking to save her.

  25. No! Noonoonooooooo. NO

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