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  1. Gosh, the light in this is gorgeous!

  2. Fabulous art in this one (Great harsh shadows on her especially) and such a poignant moment! (Samara is just so darn cool!)

  3. If the crystal was on his body, then it would normally have been at least copied if not taken obviously.

  4. Let’s have a moment of silence for our favorite officer who recently kicked the bucket. We’ll miss you, Danil. ;_;

  5. So the colonel really is dead. That’s sad, I hoped the wound was non-lethal… *sadface*

  6. But wait. You want me to drive my newly repaired ship into the middle of . . . to retrieve the body of a . . . who nearly started a war? So bring the casket to the dock. Preferably without attracting attention. Then we leave, eh? With all due haste?

    I am so glad to see these pages. Breathe deeply and slowly and keep sharing the stunning artwork and sharp dialog.

    1. We can’t do that because that would be *reasonable.* This is not a story about reasonable people. 😀

  7. I’m just gonna say this again, your art style is crazy awesome.

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