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  1. Psshhh, she’s got no choice now. Tough call.

    We’re bearing with you!!

  2. Of course she has a choice, either go or defect/quit her side.

  3. Looks like Mr Envoy’s head will remain attached to his body… for now.

  4. Hi Rose….erm Iv been a big fan for a long time now, Your comic was one of the first that I found online. You have really inspired me with the level and quality og your art. I have actually decided to start my own webcomic…I will be launching it tommorow and would really reeeeeeally like you to check it out. Pretty please

    1. Hey Mfundo! Of course I’ll check it out, congrats on your impending launch! 🙂 I’m really flattered to have inspired you in some way, I hope you have as good a time creating comics as I have.

      1. Thank you so much for replying, I do have a fabtastic time drawing the scenes that play out in my over active imagination.

        But it can be soooo hard sumtyms. Im not as skilled as you are I think *blushes*. I think comics are the closest thing to having a matrix cable plugged into my brain, to show every1 the epic stories and lives of the characters I create lol

        Anyhow,Its finally up and im pretty nervous about what people will think.

        1. Yeah, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks, I think! You have to be quite committed.

          As for being less skilled than me, just remember that skill comes with time and practice. Every artist you admire was once terrible at drawing! Try to be self-critical while still staying confident and I think you’ll see your skill level improve quite rapidly.

          But yeah, it is cool to have the ability to tell such a complete story! Being able to imagine something and then put it down on paper for other people to see is pretty awesome when you think about it. This is the best job, if you ask me.

          Try not to be too nervous about other people’s opinions, though. Satisfy yourself first and you’ll always be producing work you’re proud of. That’s easier said than done, but worrying too much about what people think is just going to make you unhappy in the long run, trust me.

          Good luck. 🙂 It’s looking good so far.

        2. wooooa, truelly inspiring words lady Rose, I think you are a great mentor. I’ll keep working hard.

          ps. The shading system I use in my comic is actually derived from your tutourials on colour shading..I downloaded them over a year ago and they really helped me. Please keep them up when you change hostes…I know alot of peole benifit from your advice. And if you could show us some more tricks…we will devour them instantaneously and with much appriciation.

          You are a superstar….yeeeeeay lol

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