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  1. HOLY CRAP new website. I was starting to get worried! 😛

    Have to say it’s pretty snazzy, feels a lot smoother than the old version 🙂

    1. Whoo, at least someone found the new site. 😀 I’ve been coding away at this thing all day, so… hooray! I think it’s Webcomic/InkBlot that’s adding an extra little layer of class, ComicPress always was a bit oddly clunky.

      Also, check it out! Nested comment replies! Ooh, ah.

      1. Ooooooh… shiny

        Must… resist… urge… to abuse… nested comments :O
        It’s a good point though, is there a limit on your site how many replies of replies of replies of replies of replies you can have?

        1. There is indeed a limit, the reply link disappears after five nested comments – you can actually see that happened on the chapter 1 cover (I did a bunch of test comments which I really should delete), though I can customise it to whatever I want. Five seems sensible, though. I think?

  2. I kind of started to worry allready. Every webcomic I dig becomes fubarized after one or two weeks of me tracking the progress.
    Everyday Decay starts delaying like hell, no ups for 3 weeks from oglaf, dressed in black going down for over a week without a reason and now red moon rising getting hax3d. Seriously, one might say I am like a bad omen to a page or something…

    1. That is quite the track record… but I’m far harder to get rid of than that, I assure you! New page will be up on Monday, business as usual. 🙂

  3. Oh man, that’s terrible about the hacking. D:
    Glad to see you’ve transitioned smoothly though! Best of luck with everything.

    These two siblings are beautiful. :]

    1. Thanks!

      Oh, snap. I’m not sure I made the ages very clear, but she’s actually his mother. Her son was mentioned in chapter 2: this is him.

      1. It was pretty clear to me. Mostly the very first panel the way the figures stand scream maternal, not sibling. So thats cool

        1. You make a good point. I know my sister never held my hand like that when she took me to the temple to learn magic.

      2. This is entirely my fault. I’m biased. My little brother and I have a very mother-son relationship, so it’s easy for me, personally, to be mislead. :’D

        1. Ahhh, fair enough. 😀 That’s kinda cool, though. I was just worried in case everyone thought that…

  4. Yay, the site works again and stuff. Rebuilt in record time! Amazing.

    I think I said something about maintained depth and tonal variation even in in the interior panels you hate to draw, or something. <3

    1. It was a hell of a thing getting it up and running on such short notice, but I think it helped that there was a loud blues band playing nearby until around 11pm, so I couldn’t have slept before then even though I desperately wanted to.

      Also, they just started playing again as soon as I typed that. Ughhh.

      Anyway, thank you for your help on setting up Webcomic and Inkblot. <3 That really sped things up, the differences between it and ComicPress were really tripping me up at certain points. And it does look purtier than ComicPress.

      And hooray, interiors. 😐 Whatever comic I do after Red Moon Rising will be all outdoorsy and painty, and I’ll update with a million more pages a week.

      1. No problem! Glad I could help. Blues band? lol… I would have gone mad, I think.

        I really am impressed you got this up so fast. I think you incurred less issues than I did. XD (But then again, that was only because I was upgrading stuff)

        Oh no, I was gonna say something else here and forgot it. Oh well.

        1. I nearly did go mad, I was drowning it out with incredibly loud and obnoxious music of my own (mainly music from Initial D, eurobeat, it is so bad).

          It did go incredibly smoothly – thank goodness for small favours. I think it helped that I still had the CSS and cache of the old site to reference, and this is essentially just the old site with an extra sidebar, so it wasn’t too tricky.

  5. Guess the saying ’you can’t keep a good man down’ doesn’t just apply to men. Or people. Good job keeping the comic running even with the misfortune of assholes deciding to, “hack the site to pieces.”

    1. Yeah, it took pretty much 16+ hours of non-stop concerted effort to go from nothing to the new site, and the prospect of having to start from scratch was fairly stressful. Fortunately almost everything important was salvaged, and the recoding process went very smoothly.

  6. 1st, I love the new site. Less wait time. 2nd, I love this line, “Speak only when spoken to?” LOL!

    1. Does the new site load noticeably faster, then? I can’t really tell, my connection is pretty poor. That’s a bonus, though.

      1. Come to think of it, I think it is a bit faster. :O Maaaybe.

  7. Lol at boys giving cheek to their mothers. Gotta love them, otherwise you’ll be continuously slapping them.

  8. ’speak only when spoken to?’


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