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  1. Fwoooom! I wish I had this ability. I am a bit of a pyromaniac on the inside. But not enough to actually burn things.

    Fun, subtle runes in the fire. 😀 I like how you were able to update for a straight month without any deterioration in consistency or quality.

    Hey! Baconnaise in 3 pages.

    1. Hur hur, fiiire. 😀 Remember kids, fire is cool.

      I think the quality teetered a bit at certain points, but I’m pretty sure I’m my own worst critic most of the time, and I think the whole experience was worth any sort of wavering in the art quality. Plus I learned like a majillion time saving techniques, and made some major headway in the story. So worth it.

      Maaaan this is so not a maintainable schedule, though. I think another week and my head would have exploded. And my hand would have fallen off.

      Oh yeah! Cripes. I nearly forgot about Baconnaise. Brilliant. 😀

  2. Oooh, pretty *_*

    I still love the kid’s face inordinate amounts <3
    (Remind me what his name is again? I think you told me in an earlier comment, but that got eaten up by the move :< )

    1. Thanks! His name’s Airin – it’s actually mentioned in the comic itself on page 53. 🙂

      1. Aha…. short attentions span /shot xD

  3. FIRE!!! Seriously, can you teach me that trick? 😛 I love fire. I used to burn a lot of things, til the scoutmaster yelled at us. LOL! ANyway, I particularly like the 4th panel, where she’s shown with the full flame. Very nice.

    1. That’s ok, fire is awesome and everyone knows it. Thanks!

  4. Heh, love the kid in the last panel. Our little pyromaniac :3

    Good that you’re moving over to a more manageable update schedule though. Updating every single day was pretty cool and I’m glad you tried it out, but I guess it is better on M/W/F. More stable at any rate 🙂 Heh enjoy your well-earned rest. Not to mention well-earned BACONNAISE

    1. Why the fook did I put my name in there instead of Calaros >.< God damnit it's too early in the morning!!

    2. Yeah, the daily updates were a good way to quickly move the story along, as well as an interesting way to challenge myself. Kind of like an art marathon. 😀 It’ll be nice to slow down a bit, though, there’s a lot of things around the site I want to work on and I’d like to do some art related to the comic that isn’t just more pages. Also I’m hoping to pay a bit more attention to the pages themselves now that I’ll have more time to mull over them.

      Aw yeah, Baconnaise! It’s not long now!

  5. this seems as good a place as any to leave a few comments.
    I think your choice of art style, for this comic, works really quite well, and I wish more web-comics took a similar approach. Story-wise, I’m looking forward to seeing the plot develops.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 The art style I settled on for Red Moon Rising was actually very carefully considered, and for a while I was a bit obsessed with finding the “perfect” style for drawing a comic – something with a good balance of speed, elegance and visual impact. I think this style is working out pretty well for me and this project so far, I’m glad you like it.

  6. *points wildly* ANSWERS! ANSWERS! YAAAAAYY! 😀

    This is definitely getting switched up into my main webcomic list now. ;D

    1. Haha, hooray! 😀 Answers about the glowy tattoo/markings, I’m guessing? All mages have them to some degree, and there are a lot of mages kicking around in RMR.

  7. Sooooo many comments now. Feeling intimidated. *Puts brave face on*

    Darn it I don’t have anything to write. Except I worked out why I still think of you as a Rosemary. It’s because I’m not really a fan of people shortening my name. Darn it, it’s only two syllables. I will endeavour to remember Rose though. Roseroseroseroseroserose.

    1. Also your comic is purty. And I’m not just saying that.

  8. Just started reading your comic this afternoon and can’t stop. It is stunning to look at. But by far the most comment-worthy in my mind is the instant establishement of a beautiful mother-son relationship within a few panels and almost no dialogue.
    Maybe its just because I’m a mom with a young son…its tugging all the right heart-strings.

  9. Hmm. Is the rune eye determined by handedness?

  10. I still love the glowing runic “tears”. To my knoeledge unique as a fantasy device and just darn cool.

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