So much for updating in a timely fashion. 😐 Still, timezones to my rescue – it’s still a pretty early Monday update for most people, I think. For some reason I just couldn’t get past the thumbnail stage for ages, and the stupid thing is that I settled on a really simple panel layout in the end. There’s a new vote incentive too, a sort of half-finished speedpaint landscape thing.

Anyway! Page 60*! Baconnaise! *party popper*

Of course, I don’t actually have the Baconnaise yet, more of an IOU for Baconnaise. But I’ll get it eventually – I’ve earned it! Great success!

I’d like to thank my mum and my dad and my flatmates and my flatmate’s guinea pigs and…

*Note from the future: This was originally page 60.


Page 43

32 thoughts on “Page 43


    1. YEAAHHHH 😀

  2. Baconnaise!

    D’aw, the moon <3s you.

    1. D’aw, the incentive just reminded me of how badly I wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland. I almost had the chance to go with my college but not enough moneysss.

    2. It wants to give you a big moon hug.

      Scotland is well better than Ireland! More mountains here, at least. If you ever do end up coming over here you should let me know and we can have scones, it’ll be delightful~

      1. Oh, definitely. And I looove mountains. :O

        ALSO: LOL, the ads.

      2. “Scotland is well better than Ireland!”

        My Scottish heritage applauds this fundamental truth.

        My German heritage is surprised there is a difference.

        And my American heritage is too busy eating bratwurst and sipping scotch to care.

    3. Listen to the woman, she speaks the truth!

      Also, you actually put an ad up on your site commemorating the Baconnaise? 😛 Wow.

      1. Wasn’t me, oddly enough. Some avid fan of the comic?

  3. You live in Scotland?!? I want to visit! ( It will be years, decades almost before I could pay for it though.) Let me know how the baconnaise tastes! Congrats!

    1. You should! It’s cool here. 😀 And I’m sure I’ll write up a big blog post about it once I do get it.

  4. Congratulations on your bacon-flavoured success! You’ve earned it!

    1. Thanks! *victory dance*

  5. Ka-pow!

    You have achieved. Be proud. Be the recipient of bacon flavoured condiments. All this and I still owe you shloer (the temptation to mix what I have in the fridge with gin strikes me every time I have guests round, but I am saving them for you).

    Also, I really like the vote incentive picture today – I dig the whole windswept moors and mystical fortresses in the mountains an’ ’ting. Also, looks like you did in chalk or another dusty type medium, which is a nice effect, and works really well with the soft lighting you’ve given it. But then, I like all your environment art, the monotone city scape things as well.

    Go Rose! Now, you just need to crest a hundred updates! Then you’ll be a real webcomic hero!

    1. Oh yeah! Shloer. Delicious Shloer. I’ll have to get that off you at some point, since it’s the ultimate celebratory drink in my mind (screw champagne).

      Thanks! Environment art is like my favourite thing ever, since it’s a bit more freeform than portraiture or figure studies. For me it invariably ends up with a bunch of paint splotches, figuring out what they kind of resemble, and taking it from there.

      A hundred updates! Well, I guess I made it this far, one hundred shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 😀

  6. So, moms always know what to say.

    /overused comment

    Anyway, gratz on 60. Here, have some bacon flavored ice tea. Enjoy! Now, off to the polls to vote again…

  7. And, btw, pics like the 1 on the vote incentive…those are why I keep coming back to this webcomic. That and cuz I enjoy seeing our heroine punch people in the face, LOL! Nah, but very well done artzz.

    1. Bacon flavoured ice tea… I don’t know whether to be intrigued or appalled. Either way, thanks! I like working on speedpaints like that, it’s not the kind of shot that comes up often in the comic. Makes for a nice change to work on. 🙂

  8. Congratulation Rose! You’ve done great!

    Since there hasn’t been a lot of discussion of the actual comic. So, I’ll do that. Love the lighting, you have the amazing ability to make it look the room is light by a candle instead of 1000 gigawat flood lights which seems to happen often in web comics. I also like the silhouettes in panel 1.

    For the new vote incentive, it is a pretty amazing picture, the best I’ve seen in a while (’while’ being about two or three months.) I even showed it to some people at work and they thought it was great. I would like to use it as the wallpaper on my computer if you don’t mind.

    1. Thanks!

      Haha, I think I ended up doing the 1000 gigawat flood lights in the first scene, I guess my lighting’s become a bit more subtle since then. I was a bit worried about the silhouette shot since I’ve already used it twice in this scene, but there’s only so many angles that really work for people sitting at a table.

      The incentive was a bit of a destressing measure, it’s the kind of thing I like to paint when I don’t have to paint anything in particular. I find landscapes very relaxing. And wow, I’m very flattered you’d show it off! 🙂 Absolutely feel free to use it as wallpaper, that’s awesome.

  9. Baconnaise look so great…

    1. I know, right? :O

  10. Congratulations on the baconnaise. Such rewards for keeping a tight schedule. . . where do you get friends like that? I put up no less than three comics today and I get neither bacon nor mayonnaise for it. ;_;

    Oh well, now I have to catch up. Nice to have a chunk of comic to read, even if it’s just cause your comic fell off my radar. 🙂

    1. Same place that spawned Baconnaise, predictably. Silly Americans. 😀 Don’t feel too bad, I expect that after all of this hype it’ll end up being rubbish/vomit-inducing.

  11. Aw, poor Airin. The Moon loves you, kiddo. Honest.

    1. Just not enough to let him set fire to things. 🙁



    1. WHOOOO 😀 *victory dance*

  13. Whoa. New faces all over. I bet you got a ton of readers now too, Kyethn. :DD

    1. Here’s hoping! 😀

  14. What does Baconnaise mean?

    1. Sorry for any confusion about this for newer readers – there was a news post about this on the old site, but it got lost after the whole hacking incident.

      Just after Red Moon Rising started, one of my friends said she would send me some Baconnaise (bacon-meets-mayonnaise, a typically American phenomenon) if I managed to get to 60 pages without missing a single update. And here we are!

      I expect it’s probably horrible, but what can I say? I’m curious. 😀

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