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  1. It’s a trap!
    …or a round-up going on. Poor Bracken! So now what? A rescue mission? Does Rhea see anything with all this sand in the air? I sense some dramatic action coming!
    And where’s Adrianna in all of this?

    1. Good questions! I’m afraid I’m going to have to remain smugly silent in response to all of them, though.

      1. Damn you!… By the way, the story is really gripping 🙂 Maybe it could go a little faster (meaning: more pages weekly) if the Patreon campain goes well. Good luck getting started with that!

        Also, it may sound petty – but the archive could be updated a little bit 😉

        1. Ha! Cheers. More pages are definitely on the cards as far as the Patreon campaign goes (which should be launching very soon) though I’m trying to balance that with knowing my limits as far as how much work I can get done. Twice a week updates would be super great though, and I think it would help the pacing a lot.

          And yeah, the archive is on the ol’ to-do list… so many things, so little time!

    2. If the Imarans got to the glowstick (I’m sorry, I don’t remember if it’s been named before) before Galak&co. did, it would stand to reason that they got to Adrianna as well. Charges for attempted murder and for being AWOL, at least, if the wrong people found her.

      Although, looking back through the archive, the Triarch said that a very distinctive fire mage left the scene. Not “taken into custody.”

      So my guess is she’s wandering around somewhere outside the city, cursing and being generally disagreeable. :3

      1. Interesting theories you’ve got there! But I don’t think Bracken (who was present in the courtyard scene) just left her be. They probably got back to the rest of the rebels, and afterwards Adrianna spent this entire time just crawled in some corner, grieving after her brother. What else is for her to do? (besides joining the rebels, which she already kinda did)

        Now I’m worried if she healed her neck properly after almost being roasted by Danil. I hope she can still talk (and curse).

        As for the glowstick-crystal-thingy, maybe it’s just laying around in the courtyard, as suggested on the cover of chapter 14? Heh.

        1. Normally we could jsut trace the path of broken noses to find that fire mage.
          But since this is Deus Ex Bracken we are talking about, he could probably evade Adrianne’s reflexive action.

          But yeah, I fear for our magic squirrel. Given angles and everything it is very likely Bracken hit her as well when killing off the colonel.
          Add to that being thrown around, burninated and her brother getting killed in front of her,
          and I do not think she will be up to form anytime soon.

  2. Snaaaake! Okay, I confess. I never played those games.

    Seems like walkie-talkies and sandstorms don’t go well together.
    Also, another very nice page.

  3. Gotta be honest, I had to look up what “twigged” meant =D

  4. So that is what that unreadable last line said: “out Bracken”?

    1. I can almost make out one word: “-sod-“

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