Perfectly normal sandstorm noises

New fanart of the rebels this week, by the lovely Saraiza! Thank you very much! 🙂


Page 50

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  1. Very very cool! I love how you use the repetition to make it feel like time has slowed as they run and focus on the big sandstorm at the same time.

  2. Looks like they are not only chased by guards.
    Great job with the sandstorm; you can really feel its force.

  3. And in a sand-storm too! A good day for goggles.
    Hark! But what’s that sound?
    I’ll bet it’s NOT the Ice-cream truck!

  4. This page gives a nice doomsday feel.

  5. Great way to show motion, both with the people running and the wind (of the storm, or the thing going “vrrrrrr”?

    Also, Rhea has goggles, but not Bracken. Does he *really* want stare into the wind like that?

    1. Look closely at his eyes and how red they are from the constant irritation of the gritty air. You just know he’s wondering where he lost his goggles.

    2. I agree, it’s a wonderful page! Only, I think there’s Galak, not Bracken.

  6. Oh man, the art, I might die of happiness. Holy cow.

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