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  1. Wow, the cathedral, if that’s what it is, looks gorgeous. I love the shimmery hazy look.

  2. Dropping your tablet on your foot is still better than dropping your tablet on the floor! You’re LUCKY your foot was there to cushion it’s fall!
    I did almost the exact same thing except with a 1kg flashlight that I managed to get my big toe under to stop it. I’m so lucky I can hardly walk and my toenail has come off! There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a spazz: you get to save valuable items from destruction!
    -A pretty good page after all that. Looks like that dust storm is a little-bit inside the building too. The Triarch must be fashionably late, especially for those dogs.

    1. That was my first thought, though I had misgivings when I started to get some very strange pain in my foot a while afterwards. It wouldn’t have been the first time I broke a bone doing something incredibly mundane and stupid, and in all those circumstances it took me hours to realise I had actually broken anything.

      Fortunately I got away with a bruise this time, so it was indeed worth saving my expensive tablet from smashing into the floor. The perils of being an artist.

      Glad you liked the page, too! My foot is grateful.

  3. Ow! And yep, I suppose it’s better than tablet hitting the floor, but still. Ow. This might make you feel better, Rose. I managed to drop the rather heavy nozzle of my vacuum cleaner on my big toe, twice exactly one week apart. O.o

    And love the backgrounds, just gorgeous!!!

    1. Ouch! I guess misery loves company, but I mostly just feel bad for the other person as well as myself when there’s this kind of commiseration. Hopefully we can both manage to have a few less self-inflicted accidents!

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