Oh, right. Other people. Judging youuuu. I think it might be worth saying that I haven’t actually drawn a proper map for the world of Red Moon Rising (at least, not recently), so the one on the wall may or may not be grossly inaccurate. I guess I can always go back and retroactively change it.

I’m in the process of making some changes to page 56, which includes flipping most of the third panel, so on the off-chance anyone was wondering about the incongruous placement here of the figures shown on that page… there you go! I’ll probably update it along with tomorrow’s page*. I was going to do it today, but I don’t want to delay posting this page while I work on it.

*Note from the future: I never ever got around to doing this.


Page 60

6 thoughts on “Page 60

  1. I love the look on her captain’s face, that just “Are you f*ckin’ retarded?!” look.

  2. Never mind the captain – I love the first and third panels.

  3. Rofl, looking back, this page is gold.

  4. The Plan:

    Step 1: Assault the arresting officer.

    Step 2: Tear off all of your clothes, tackle the other officer, and proceed to furiously dry-hump said officer until tazed.

    Step 3: ????

    Step 4: Insanity Defense is GO!!!!!

  5. Where’s this map you mentioned?

    Also, love the look on the guys in the back. They look like she just sprouted a 2nd head or something.

  6. …There seems to be retroactively not a map?

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