Oh Sam, you big liar.

I didn’t quite intend this page to look like a big hellscape, but once I started with the warm colours I couldn’t really stop. Anyway, dead from backgrounds! I will rise again next week.


Page 69

0 thoughts on “Page 69

  1. YEEEEE new page! Awww and these two are hitting it off so well 😛

  2. It looks more like the city is on fire, oye!!! I’m also hoping the windows hold under the strain. Oo

  3. I wonder what Ezius is up to. He wasn´t that “bubbly” when he was introduced to the story…

    1. Well, his question after the ’fire-headed girl’ looked fairly bubbly.
      But yeah, I am also thinking that is the smile of the cat that has caught a mouse unaware.

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