Page 65*! In which Danil shows that Adrianna does not have a monopoly on random acts of violence. A nice spry midnight update, finally. Back on track for the first time since the new site launched, and I’m feeling good about it. My good buddy Pseudonym, who proof reads and helps edit my scripts, has already coined the term “apple-sassed” to refer to the events of this page. Bonk.

Also, I don’t know if anyone except me can tell the difference, but I’ve made a big change to the way I draw the pages in that I don’t ink them any more – my inking was terrible, and just took up time. Instead I’m simply cleaning up the sketches and colouring over those which, funnily enough, has resulted in a much nicer line weight overall and is saving me about an hour or so in my process. Great success! Anyone who’s interested in the difference (I expect that would be precisely no one) can compare the final linework for pages 64 and 65 here and here.

*Note from the future: This was originally page 65.


Page 74

32 thoughts on “Page 74

  1. It does look nicer…and has come a long way from the beginning. <3
    This page made me laugh.

    1. I try and improve in little ways all the time, I think dropping the inking is a good step forward. I feel like I have more control over the art with less steps now. 🙂 The beginning seems like such a long time ago now…

  2. New reader here- just loving your visual ans storytelling style! Thanks for the great work.

    1. Thanks, Logan! Glad to have you here. 🙂

  3. Fruit-jitsu, the deadliest art of them all.

    <3 Adrianna's expressions, throughout. She should turn that frown upside down at some point though, she's gonna wind up with wrinkles.

    1. For some reason you got caught in the spam filter, sorry about that, Jonny. She’s going to end up with loads of wrinkles, though, you’re right. Way too much of a grump.

      1. Yeah, I was gonna ask about that – my comments weren’t showing up and it wouldn’t let me enter more. Thanks for dealing with it.


        1. It does that sometimes, but usually only on comments that have at least one link in them. I’m not sure what made it think your comment was dodgy. Maybe fruit-jitsu is a secret spam keyword.


        2. :O


  4. Yay, apple-sass! Been looking forward to this page for ages, and it certainly seems like you pulled it off well!

    1. Whoo! Great success! I’d hate to botch the apple-sass page.

  5. I call this Danil-fanservice, and before you can say otherwise, allow me to thank you ♥

    *cuddles old Dan*

    1. Haha… I don’t think I understand, but to each their own.

  6. Welcome to the No Inkers Club! We’re happy to have you. ^_^

    1. Awesome! Inking is for chumps.

  7. His clipboard turned into an apple… O_o

    1. He already had the apple in the last page… and there is no clipboard. Not sure what you’re talking about. I figured it was a pretty small logical jump to assume that he put down the files he was holding.

  8. “bonk” eh…? reminds me of the Scout in Team Fortress 2 for some reason ^^

    Awesome page by the way. Hoooray for random violence ^^

    1. Thanks! Makes life (or stories, at least) more interesting, I guess. 🙂

  9. I really like the artwork, and i think that the newer pages are nicer. Sometimes the line art in comics seems over-used and too heavy.

    Also, does it reflect bad on me that i read that Apple-Assed the first few times?

    1. Thanks! I think heavy lineart can look really good, but I’ve found through experimentation that it just doesn’t work with the colouring style I use.

      And I’m going to say that it doesn’t reflect badly on you, but only because I try not to scare off my readers.

  10. I LOVE this guy! I cheered when he threw the apple. LOL!

    1. lol. Maybe I should have made him the main character instead.

      1. But then we’d all miss Adrianna’s temper. :/

        1. Its all about the nose-punching for me. I reckon she’d do it even if she wasn’t mad. Just how she rolls.

  11. Earth to Adrianna appleroid heading your way.

  12. I love his contemplative look at the apple before he throws it.

    “Will I get away with this? … Yeah, I totes can.” *thok*

  13. I love this page 😀 Random violence is random xD
    And I am amazed by the style of your comics, it’s so soft and pretty!

  14. Oh, she’s a genius, she is. “Pssst, Adrianna….when people toss food at you, you’re meant to catch it, dolt.”

  15. Did not see that one coming…

  16. Haha, remember why I love this comic. Apple-sassing, face-punching, and all the great artworks! Yay!!!!!!

  17. Hahaha another scene that I never forget. Danil’s magic test. Even considering what he ends up doing, I really like that guy for his attitude, at least.

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