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  1. Panel 4. That panel 4. It’s beautiful. I mean, the whole page is, but THAT panel…

    And take your time, it’s worth waiting for. Sure, the suspense is killing me, but just don’t kill yourself over it 😛 We’ll be patient.

    1. Cheers man, I do appreciate it. 🙂 Hitting the stated update schedule is my main priority, so there should be a Thursday page as planned this week.

  2. an absolutely gorgeous page, got to say wasn’t too sure about the new art style with the last page but boy has this page convinced me.

    1. Cheers for sticking with it! I’m honestly never sure how I feel about a page once it’s done. Mostly just pleased it’s finished. It’s usually the fine details that either raise it up or let it down in the end, I think. The last page maybe could have used a bit of that.

      1. well to be honest i also have a hard time adjusting to change so that makes me liking this page so much even more surprising, to me atleast 😛

        and don’t worry i will most likely stick with your comic for the story alone, your art being rather amazing is just gravy, sweet, delicious, heart stopping gravy 😀

  3. Wow. Beautiful page. Your new style is wonderful. I completly agree with Forgotten Felix, panel 4 is just incredible.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. This page is a very nice page.

    Well done all round.

  5. This page is really awesome!
    The light that comes through the leaves looks great on the characters.
    I also like the last panel. It brings a refreshing change to the colour palette.

  6. Wow, that last panel. Wow.

  7. woooooa Rose Im going cazy over the 2nd panel. You totally captured the mood and emotion that he’s feeling..i nearly did the same thing as I read it lol…keep them coming,just dont ruin my thursday

    1. Sorry man, I’m working away on it right now but I’m pretty sure at this rate I won’t be done in time for the end of the day. Definitely by midday tomorrow though. Too many panels in this page, I think. Ugh.

      1. Awwww maaaaaayn….dont sweat it,we are your loyal fans, we’ll wait…but my little brother says It better be good” lol…rm rising nation!!!!!!

  8. Aaaah. I am in a state of wonder. Wonderful page, as always! I love the texture of light and shadow on Senna’s and Sai’s clothing and skin. And Senna’s expression is as opaque as ever, I see.

    Oooh and the little birdy crane-ish thing hidden away in the branches in panel 4! Heehee 🙂

  9. Is that…Danil? (Please?)

    1. Your optimism is endearing, if misplaced! I’m afraid it isn’t.

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