Hiatus over! Whoo!

Hardware update: laptop is still borked, but my desktop is up and running. Turns out the bluescreening problem was ridiculously easy to fix (a corrupted page file) so I’m back in business for drawing the comic, hence the new page. Thanks to everyone for being patient, and especially to Igor who emailed me and attempted to help troubleshoot my hardware. I don’t think I say this enough, but I really am very lucky to have such a nice, helpful, and intelligent fanbase.

Anyway, it’s a new chapter! I’m a bit on the fence about whether to add location descriptors in situations like this, since I worry about getting across the idea of different locations, especially when most of Red Moon Rising takes place in various large cities which I imagine could potentially become easily confused. On the plus side, the actual name for this chapter (“Seras Daya”, once it has a chapter cover) should clear up any doubts about where it’s set – the same Seras Daya mentioned in the last page of the previous chapter, so hopefully that’s not too much of a jump in reasoning. Hello, Rishara Caan.

Rishara Caan itself is stuck right in the middle of the two other nations mentioned so far in the comic, Ashul to the north and Imara to the south. I’m considering drawing up a proper map of the region to give everyone a better idea of the geography, since I expect it’s at least a bit fuzzy right now. Good idea, y/n?

Finally, the vote incentive is just today’s page, but with the texture layers and colour adjustments removed, and at a higher resolution so you can all appreciate how damn long I spent painting all of those clouds.


Page 99

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