Red Moon Rising V.2 Cover

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  1. I´d rather stay indoors on easter monday and reread RMR than seeking eggs in ice and snow. 😉

  2. You forgot “2000” ;p

    1. “Forgot”, eh. We can go jump the shark for a bit, if you like.

      Red moon rising II: Blue moon rising. The rise of the red surfer. Moon & moonerer. Rerisen. The next night. Teen rise too. Phantom havanna moons: the cruise revenge. Second moon on the weekend wall. Staying red.

      Anyhow, update! Whee!

      Next chapter: Three moons rising: Kawaii drift.

      Right, right, the shark leather jacket, yes, red with silver lining, that one yes, thanks.

  3. Gorgeous. (Your stuff is always worth the wait.)

  4. *fully expects April Fools shenanigans*

  5. On April Fools the comic will be of Bracken taking a bath with his favorite rubber ducky.

    1. Well…that’d be awkward…

  6. Awesome cover, Rose.

  7. Ahhhh it’s the first cover flipped, right?? 8D THISISSOCOOLLLLLL

  8. No shenanigans she says…

    Gorgeous work as always, lady.

  9. I love the cityscape over the moon in that picture. It captures the feel of city conglomeration in a minimalist way.

  10. The word boogaloo makes me happy :’D

  11. I’m back … sort of 😉
    I am glad to see that you are doing better and you artwork is as gorgeous as always. What’s had me away were computer implementation issues and the launch ramp for a book release on Kindle, on which I am still working 🙁 Releasing stuff isn’t ever easy when you are trying to do it correctly (software, books, websites, none of it is easy).

  12. I have a really important question, that I’m sure you’ve been asked before…

    But WHEN are you going to PUBLISH this comic so that I can BUY it? Because the lack of Red Moon Rising in my bookshelf makes me sad. 😛

    Seriously, a lot of webcomicists sell print copies of their work, and not many are of even comparable quality to yours. Any particular reasons why you don’t try to sell?

    1. Quite honestly, the effort of putting together a book has just been an entirely overwhelming proposition up until now, and I’m not sure how to juggle my time between making the comic(which basically takes up most of my free time) and the logistics making a book.

      The good news is that since I’m basically outsourcing my merch production to the good folks over at The Zombie Hunters, a book is probably on the cards now! For the moment it’ll just be prints, but I’m hoping to get more ambitious in the coming months.

      Your demand is noted and appreciated though. 🙂 It will happen in the end!

  13. Oh ho! You flipped the skylines from the first title page! Clever!

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