Chapter 2 – Cover

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  1. You could make a book that showcased only pictures of different lighting effects and it would be the best thing ever.

    You’ve probably tried wrist braces, right? If not, that might be something to consider. My professors are extremely overzealous about assigning papers (literature courses, man), so a couple weeks ago I actually had some kind of hand strain from typing so much. My wrists and entire hands were aching, so I went to a convenience store and got a couple of Ace wrist wraps for extra support. They did make movements a little clunkier before I got used to them, but the problem went away really quickly.

  2. Beautiful as always :’) I especially love the textures you evoke!

    And pleeease please please don’t strain your hand! Just because the pain has subsided doesn’t mean the problem is quite gone yet.

  3. Gorgeous as usual.
    Take your time healing! We the fans will wait.

  4. As Always… Keep yourself Healthy!, we’ll always be here. Though i dont follow your twitter…. have any idea what was cuasing it? or just drawing to much at once? =)

  5. I can appreciate nice knifes. And fancy lighting effects. Gorgeous page!
    And take your time if the hand needs it.
    We can endure the lack of updates if it means you stay healthy.

  6. Hmm, the knife was jabbed into a river near its mouth, and there is an opened envelope. Hmm, what could it all mean?

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