Chapter 9 – Cover

0 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Cover

  1. Gorgeous job on the face! I’m enamored with this cover. 😀

  2. In an interesting irony that I thought I’d point out, when I looked at this page the Rampage Network linkshare was for … Red Moon Rising.

    Though there is a very interesting contrast between the art on this cover page and the art on your ad.

  3. I was skeptical of this idea for a cover at first, but this picture is amazing. Well done!

  4. This cover is made of awesome and, uh. More awesome.

    And a little awesome on top.

    Possibly with a side of awesome.

    And a light awesomeness glaze.

    I’m going to stop embarrassing myself now.

    1. *awestruck silence*

  5. This cover can easily be described in one word. Epic.

  6. quick, burn another frowny face into the wall it’ll make the evil rain go away

  7. Hmm.. trying to burn down a brick wall at heavy rain.

  8. This (awesome) cover, for some reason, made me remember that a person’s eyes never line up perfectly, and that one is always higher than the other. I usually overlook this type of thing all the time. . . Unless of course the slightly tilted head is throwing me off a bit. *shrug*? Meh, it kicks ass regardless. =P

    1. She’s definitely got a tilted head, like she’s leaning back a bit and to the right.

  9. I am enamored of the facial shading. That is all.

  10. This is my favorite cover. I’m glad she is using her powers again!

  11. This is gorgeous. I especially like the sigils under the eye. It’s a lovely magic mechanism.

  12. Wow. Just… wow.

    I love this cover (although I’m still taken with the first chapter cover >///>). I can’t wait until Thursday!

  13. Yass! I saw another advert for you! It made me happy!

  14. It has been said many times already but it bears repeating; this cover is awesome.

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