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  1. Small victories and ZOMG EXPLOSIONS.

    1. Bakrrooommm powwssshkoowwww

  2. Ok – what exploded?

    1. The whole world.

      Ok, not really.

      1. No, it’s not that bad, just half of the world.

  3. Yay! EXPLOSIONS!!! I have a feeling this has something to do with Galak sneaking out…

    Also, was that [gasp] another smile from Adrianna?

    1. PS- The incentive is… there is no other word for it… FLIPPING. AWESOME.

    2. Maybe the reason she rarely smiles is because of this kinda crap happening whenever she does…

      1. I think I would stop smiling too, if every time I did it the world exploded in my face.

    3. *taps nose* And yes, or at least the start of one.

  4. deactivate an ankle brace and everything explodes

  5. well, the interesting question now is: are there life boats on board of a flying ship?

    1. Clearly that is what the unicorns are for. They probably have a whole stable of them out the back for just such an emergency.

  6. Small victories and all the FLYING GLOWING UNICORN ARMIES.

  7. That alternate version is the best anything ever. Even better than the alternate version I made for you.

  8. An explosion!? A unicorn? Is it a robot unicorn? If so that would explain the explosion.

  9. This explosion is where the unicorn happens, right?
    Because that’s what she summoned with her shoe, right?

    I will be so let down if this is not the case.

    1. …sure. D: Why not.

  10. I can only say one thing.
    “Adrianna! Open your eyes! Because when it’s could outside, always I wanna be with you!”

    HAHALOL XD Awesome girls making awesome jokes with awesome comics.

  11. Ok…you have one flippin amazing art style. I am highly intrigued by your story, and you have no IDEA how sad I was to find out I’d finally caught up to you (I was secretly hoping you were eons ahead of me, storyline-wise). Monday should get here soon.

    Also…thank you SO VERY MUCH for linking to fifty billion other webcomics in your comments. My webcomics bookmark folder is doubling exponentially, and I don’t have a problem blaming you for that. (Is there such thing as Webcomicaholics Anonymous?)

    1. Welcome to the group, good gal. We have tea parties every friday.

    2. Thank you! Working as fast as I can here, but it’s never as fast as I would like. 🙂 Glad to be spreading the webcomic love around too, there’s loads of great ones kicking about.

  12. Adrianna succeeded at something. . . so the world explodes.

    It all makes perfect sense :O

  13. I kind of thought it was a spotlight or lights from another airship flashing into the window since the light enters the room in panel 3 but then intensifies and becomes absolutely blinding in panel 4. An explosion would be just one big quick flash…right? That’s my theory anyway, and I’m sticking to it…til Monday, anyway. =)

    1. A good theory, but it’s supposed to be more like a smaller blast, then a larger secondary explosion. There are shards of the window glass being blown inwards too, a spotlight wouldn’t do that. 🙂

      1. Ah, two blasts – that makes more sense then. And, yeah, I totally missed those shards. The next page should be very interesting then. =)

  14. Just found this and love it! Kind of confused by geography and politics though… Cheers!

  15. Oh, so now she does something right the entire natural order is out of balance,
    and decides to kill her……

  16. so im guessin now that the vote incentive is gone we’ll never get ta c the unicorn amazingness now? sorry i now i’m WAAAYYYYY far behind, but w/schoolwork i dont get ta read ur uber awsome comic often

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