Let’s Punch Everything

0 thoughts on “Let’s Punch Everything

  1. That is great name.

  2. This would make great music for a JRPG. ^_^

  3. How is it that you’re able to BE SO GOOD AT MUSIC AND ART, HUH? Lovely track, this is.

  4. It’s nice, but it doesn’t feel that Punch Everything-y… Maybe adding more drums would make it more agressive?

    1. And some brass XD

      1. That’s fair enough! I think the drums I did use were maybe a bad choice (timps) as they got rather washed out by the other instruments to the point where I think they’re barely audible in the middle section and only punch through in the last few beats. I should try adding something more… well, punchy and a bit less bass-y. 🙂

        Brass is a tricky one because I’ve found it difficult to get good samples of solo brass instruments, which would be a really nice addition to this kind of piece, for sure. I do actually have a second, rather rambling variation on this theme that features a trumpet more heavily, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the timbre of it. It’s kinda synthetic and naff. Oh well.

  5. Great stuff. As to the not feeling Punch Everything-y, I see the point about the drums, but to be honest, there is a calm about many defiant people that makes them seem like they’re bubbling just below boil all the time. The piece makes me feel like SOMEthing is gonna get punched… so we must steer clear.

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