Lights on. And a somewhat familiar face.

Tired of this page, I’m almost embarrassed about how long it took to draw. Something ridiculous like nearly three times as long as usual. Pffft. Pfffffft!


Page 27

0 thoughts on “Page 27

  1. I thought Bracken killed her with his mind…

    1. You mean this page? I think her sudden disappearance is just to portray how quickly she high-tailed it out of there after his intimidating mime display.
      I don’t blame her. Mimes are terrifying.

  2. Nice entry, captain 😀

    I think that’s my favourite page so far, tied to the infamous apple throw though.

  3. And the Envoy goes gaga? 😛

  4. Ah it’s so pretty!!! I’ve just binged on this in the past week or so and asdfghjkl senpai what even. How do you do the thing so well? This one is ssuupppeerrr pretty. I like the one guys hair, with the red in it. 😀

    1. Gosh, thanks! 🙂 That guy’s hair is probably my favourite thing to draw at the moment.

  5. Nice fanart over at zombies! Are you guys neighbors or something? =)

    1. I wish! 🙂 Jenny’s all the over in the US and I’m here in Scotland, we’re good pals.

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