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  1. High five! Page turned out awesom!

    Also, hey, do you know where you could totally put that sketch blog? Do you? I think it might be somewhere where you already ostensibly have one!

    1. Whoo! *high five*

      No, I think I want to move away from Livejournal to something a bit swankier. I’m in the process of setting up another wordpress blog on a subdomain here so it’s completely customisable. I miiiight be able to find a way to make it cross-post to LJ, though, I guess that would be pretty cool (and would also shut you up).

      1. Yeah there is a plugin for wordpress which allows you to cross post to LJ. I had to look into that myself… not that I ever got my wordpress blog set up in the end. It also allows cross posting to a whole bunch of other blogs, so if you have dormant accounts on other blogging sites you can bring them back into use, just to give others options on how to follow your updates. 🙂

        1. Oh, that sounds ideal. 🙂 Don’t suppose you have a link?

        2. I think I put it somewhere in my bookmarks, I’ll do a search through them when I get home (still at work, poo). Pretty sure I saved. Hope so because I want to use too!

  2. No, not the “go fish” guy! D:

  3. So, are the first three panels what Captain Beard Guy just did? Just making sure before I classify him as “uber”. 🙂

    1. Yep, that’s all him, he magically calmed the storm.

  4. That WAS quick! Congrats!

    That bottom panel really worked out well, too

    1. Considering I was flailing about like an idiot at the start of the stream about what was going to be in that space, I think the end result is pretty decent too. 🙂

  5. I love painting clouds too!
    Ooh, love the air of anticipation throughout this page.

    1. Clouds are the best, it’s almost like finger painting or something. 🙂 Very relaxing.

  6. I’m really loving your webcomic! You make em want to do one but that would require more tools and skills that I don’t possess so ce la vie.

    And I’m so glad i know, well kinda know, someone who watches SGU. I’m the ONLY one in my family and friends who watches the series. Okay i’m done bitching now, continue the incredible work!! XD

    1. Thank you! Don’t let a lack of skills stop you doing anything, skills can be learned and improved upon. 🙂 And tools can be, uhh, “acquired”. Webcomics especially are a low-barrier hobby, now is a great time to start one if you want to.

      Haha, I actually missed the newest SGU episode because I was drawing this page, ironyyy. Episodes air on Tuesday evenings here in the UK, when I’m usually working on my Wednesday update. Got it recorded to watch when I get a chance, though. I’m a big Stargate nerd and was very intrigued by the premiere, so I’m itching to sit down and watch the next episode. 🙂

  7. Definately looks snazzy. Clouds are the best to paint. >.> I love how everything falls still.

    1. Clouds really are the best, it’s nice to have something there that doesn’t need anatomical/perspective knowledge to paint, very relaxing.

  8. Ooh, is that a water droplet on the antennae of the walkie? . . . I bet it’s not D:

    1. It is! Have a cookie.

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