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  1. Wow. Really beautiful. I love the railing effect.

  2. Nooo!!! *tear*
    After all we’ve been through, Colonel…
    On the serious side, great job. 🙂

  3. Hmm… Yeah, that really doesn’t look like the kinda wound he’s gonna be recovering from any time soon… There goes that bit of hope for the poor guy.

  4. No way! You can’t give a guy an awesome line like “go fish” AND an awesome beard ONLY TO KILL HIM OFF!

    Oh, wait, I guess you can.

  5. BANG! Someone gets shot. Action!!

    Interrupted in the middle of his magicking… Oh. Never noticed his hand before.

  6. Uhm… is it the time to suggest some steampunk heart-prthese? I guess not >.<
    Man this guy was awesome *salutes*

  7. A very nice page this one, as for the Colonel, I think it was less him folk liked and more this awesome steampunk hand.

  8. He shall be missed. Though we only knew him for a few pages. He was fun.
    I think it was the hand.
    Nice “WTF?” expression there. I wonder what happens to the storm now that he’s been taken down?

  9. OH NOES!!!!!!

  10. One Shot. One Kill.

  11. Colonel Mechanical-Hand: He died a ’hole’y man. Sorry, bad pun. XD
    SGU episodes air on fridays here so theres new one here tonight. HAven’t watche dit yet, need to finish Zack and Wiki

  12. poor man, he was just doing his job… but, I could imagine that this was one of the ways he would have liked to pass away…

    please don’t make it a habit to bring up npc’s just to kill them off – I don’t like THAT kind of storyboarding 🙂

    btw: great artwork! 🙂

  13. Well, he -did- say that he was going to regret this. I think he is right about now. Juuuust before the final curtain falls >>;

    . . . pew pew!

  14. Frankly, I love the fact that it looks like a lone raindrop has fallen and pierced his heart.

    It makes him seem like the Steve Irwin of aethramancers.

  15. Hey!

    I just read a nice discussion on TWCL that I think you’d also like to look over. You were once musing about the nature of your comic… I think it’s safe to say that a lot of it is decompression-style.

    The style must be growing more popular! I like it, personally (which is also part of why I like this comic, as it’s one of only a few story comics I regularly follow like that <3). That thread is really thought-provoking.

    Also off-topic, this site never remembers my name and email in the form and it drives me nuts ;x; *ultralazy*

  16. Hmm… I wonder what he did to deserve this…

    I am commenting for the first time, so this is a good opportunity to compliment you on cool comic with really awesome art style. Your style seriously rocks.

  17. Dx No! Cool guy got killed! T_T

  18. wonderfully done… the darkness of the clouds and the foreground blur really works so well.
    I’m sorry to see him go…………… he really looked like a Unix Admin i worked with 😀
    I guess its the hand that makes me think cyberpunk/steampunk. nice combo.

  19. “Don’t go around tonight,
    Well, it’s bound to take your life,
    There’s a red moon on the rise.”

  20. NO! Not Mechanical Hand Man!! D:

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